You Can’t Stop Marijuana!!

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Honestly, I don’t even care about legalization anymore.
Maybe, I shouldn’t say that but that’s the best representation of how I feel. It’s just that the debate has become moot to me at this point. I’m not finished with the fight and I still support legalization. I just choose to fight and support in a different way. See, I’m a grower. Yes, I grow marijuana. I have a small closet grow that I am upgrading right now to provide a better environment for my future plants. You’d be amazed at how many of “us” exist in the United States, well under the radar save for the foolish ones who pop up to speak on the issue like myself.

I don’t care because my grow is personal. I grow what I want and yes I do share with friends. The products I buy to grow my marijuana can be found at any typical, run-of-the-mill garden shop – lights, soil/soil-less/hydro, nutrients, etc. The seeds, I can get from any of the other growers I know in the United States – princess diesel, super silver haze, sour diesel, northern lights, and so on. Yes, there are more of us and we’re connected in some way like a large, loose co-op!

The money I spend doesn’t go to any Mexican drug cartels. I don’t buy their cheap marijuana anymore, anyway. The money I spend doesn’t go to any terrorist organizations in the Middle East, either. In fact, the money I spend growing marijuana supports American business and keeps another person employed – Home Depot (lighting, buckets/flower pots, soil, timers, nutrients), Petland (air tubing, stones, pumps), etc. The marijuana I grow isn’t sold to, nor shared with, any children. In fact, all of my friends are well above the age of 21.

So, who am I harming? Who am I stealing from?
Who’s life is being destroyed by my decisions and activities?


Folks, the future of marijuana under prohibition is small, “undetectable”, personal grow operations – closets, wardrobes, grow boxes, etc. If you want to learn how to grow marijuana as well, just ask me. Or, look for an online grow forums (ICMAG is a great resource). Or, go to your local bookstore. I got my book from Barnes & Noble.

Legalize it. Prohibition has already lost the war. The game’s long over. Even if I get caught tomorrow, I’ve already set up dozens of others and many more know I am available when they’re ready. I’ll continue leaving my mark, one grower at a time.

Each one, teach one – it’s exponential!

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