Marijuana Smokers: Tell me about your first time!
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So, I’ve always wondered about everyone’s first time smoking marijuana. If you’ve smoked and/or still smoke marijuana, how did you finally pop your cherry?
  1. Where did you get it from?
  2. Who introduced you to it?
  3. Did the marijuana have a name?
  4. How did you smoke it – joint, blunt, pipe, bong, or other?
  5. Who rolled/packed it?
  6. How did you handle your first hit?
  7. Do you remember the kind of high it was – heady hallucinogenic high or a couch lock body stone?
  8. Did you get munchies? What did you eat if you got the munchies?
Important. Don’t answer the questions line by line. That’s BOOOORING. Answer them in story format. I’ll go first.I’ll have to say that I had three first times. The first first time was back in high school when I was around 14. If any FDA folks remember, Darron aka Ratboy introduced me to it. But, it was both our first times. Supposedly some kid in the school sold it to him. Anyway, after school one day, we go around my way which was 155th Riverside Drive. We went to the underside of it which was the ramp to the Westside Highway by the water.

Side Story: Now, the reason we even did it in the first place was because when I went to go get condoms, I asked for Easy Riders. The dude gave me “e-z wider” which are rolling papers if you don’t know. I was too embarrassed to ask for what I really wanted and I took the papers and left.

Anyway, we’re sitting on the rocks and he pulls out this little nickle bag of green shit. We break up the bud to put in the e-z wider. Damn it all to hell if the wind aint pick up and we lose about a third of the stash. Still enough for a joint which I ended up rolling. We puffed on that shit and got NOTHING out of it. Not a damn thing whatsoever.

Note: This was also the time I found out I was violently allergic to common cigarette smoke. It’s gotten better over time to where I could tolerate it. But, there was a time where I’d get really sick. I blame this on Corey R. (yeah you but not all you) for using my furry ass face to get cigarettes and cigars. We tried that shit and I think we learned our lesson. Smoking cigarettes is horrible!

The second first time was about two years later. This is after Darron had left school but we still hung out and shit fromt time to time. All I remember was them, Darron and L, picking me up after school and hanging out in St Nick projects. They already smoked before they came. Now they smoking some more. Peer pressure with a generous shot of unfulfilled curiosity got the better of me. So, we go see Quatesha (few grades below me). We hung out in the stairwell to smoke some before we came over. This is where I made the biggest mistake of my days. I was smoking and it was getting me buzzed but not high at all. I took this deeeeeeeeep puff and ended up coughing like a maniac and then throwing up in the stairwell. Needless to say, I got harassed for that shit and I deserved it. Word travels quite incredibly in one night. I get to school the next day and everyone is coughing and making fun of me.

My third first time, the REAL first time, I was 23. Already out of college working some shitty ass job on 40th & Lexington Ave. I went to hang out with my good friend Felix I. Now, college became my sort of “fuck the bullshit, I ain’t here to play” mindset. I had sworn off girls and I definitely wasn’t doing any drugs. But now, I am out. This only meant I’d waste a few minutes on women. It had nothing to do with drugs.

So, I am sitting on this couch as I’ve done plenty of times in the past. And many times in the past, Felix has offered me some smoke. I had no problem around it. But, I wouldn’t smoke it. Nothing could move me. ROCK! I felt like a lot of people felt. It’s not for me. Smokers are successful. They’re brainless. They’re ignorant. But, I see my boy is doing well for himself and he doesn’t fit those bad boy stereotypes at all. Dude’s a fuckin nerd to be honest! LOL.

Anyway, The first time Felix does NOT ask me to smoke, out of constant rejection, I tell him to pass that shit. He’s all surprised. Felix passes me the blunt and I get my first real “I want to get fucked up!” smoke! I didn’t know what I was smoking. All I knew was that it got me HIIIIGH as all hell. We got hungry and got to ordering food and shit. Since then, it’s been no looking back, eyes on the prize, full steam ahead.

This is where my story ends!


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I am not anti-semitic, I am anti-bullshitic!

Something has been hitting me in the head from time to time. It’s never usually enough to warrant a blog but the buildup over the years brings me to mention and remind people of something.


Why do I feel the need to mention the obvious? Simple! How many times have we heard the FALSE term – half-jewish? Honestly, I am sick and tired of hearing that shit as if you can be half of a religion. People don’t walk around saying they are half-Muslim and half-Buddhist! It would be the dumbest damn thing anyone would have ever said. So, how in the hell do Jewish and even non-Jewish people get away with claiming they’re, or there is, something as silly as being half-Jewish? It’s simple SAT question when you think about (see below):

Instructions: Choose the answer that fucking fits best!

Blue is to color as Jew is to

  • a) race
  • b) religion
  • c) gender
  • d) sexual preference
  • e) fake ass Reggae artist

If a Jewish person donated sperm, would that child then be half-Jewish as if they were half-Black? No! That child wouldn’t know a damn thing about Judaism. But, you sure as hell would know that the child was half-Black!

You’ll know more so if the NYPD shoots ’em in the back for no reason (read: being Black)!

If they did DNA tests, would some “Jew” gene pop out with a propensity for craving money, having a big nose, and wearing a furry ass top hat during certain ceremonies? NO!

Anyway, lets quit this crap. People like Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet are NOT half-Jewish. They are half-White. Are they really Jewish in faith and practice Judaism? Who the hell knows? Who the hell cares? The point is that there is no such thing as half-Jewish. You’re either a Jew or you’re not!

Now, anyone can claim their own bullshit theories, thoughts and ideas about this issue. But as I’ve said before, I am anti-bullshitic. So, I won’t be paying any attention to the bullshit as I have a bias against those who practice the religion of Bullshitism!