Welcome to the Caribbean… almost

Welcome to the Caribbean… almost
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Check this out: Caricom Leaders to Debate Marijuana Legalization

I love it. It’s a smart move for so many real reasons.

Let’s just get down to it. Marijuana will be legalized in the United States of America. I’m predicting Obama finally makes it happen with the swing of a pen in the latter half of 2016, just as he’s ready to say goodbye. The Interceptor in Chief has one more interception to complete before he’s done and it will be a marijuana grab. If it happens before that, US Congress but it’s a lot more likely than the DEA deciding to lose jobs, believe that.

Aside from that, when marijuana is legalized, other countries better be in position to take advantage of it. Beyond the recreational and medical utility, it has tons of practical uses – food, clothing, rope, fuel, etc. Do your own research. I don’t want to get any more boring.

The point is, other nations need to be in position to take advantage of this developing developed market (smoke something and think about that if you thought I made a mistake). Outside of the US influenced marijuana prohibition, the Caribbean is flush with the sweet leaf. You just have to know where to find it, as usual. It’s just a matter of opening the doors to those already in position to grow and those who want to be in position to research, develop, and manufacture all that’s cultivated. Lastly, consider exports. The US market, being the Caribbean’s #1 buyer, will want that “grown under the Caribbean sun” feeling. It has value.

On a low note: “However, many in the Caribbean still consider it a dangerous drug….”

That’s the US influence I’m talking about. Marijuana has never been and will never be dangerous. These attitudes weren’t developed naturally. (long sentence warning) They were embedded through US propaganda in support of the Single Narcotics Convention, a UN Treaty developed by US bureaucrats, signed by Kennedy in 1961, acted upon by Nixon with the creation of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 which spawned the creation of the DEA who have directly controlled the type of information we could have about marijuana through a de facto medicinal research prohibition which resulted in nothing but lies.

Why is marijuana dangerous? It’s just not dangerous. And, that’s the simple truth.

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