Wakeup: Back to Reagan’s Drug War

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In this war on drugs, there is one question that every poor Black and Hispanic person in the inner city – the dealers, the users, and the innocent bystanders – wants answered, “How do these substances get into our neighborhood?”
This question comes about because there is a disconnect in the flow of drugs. For example, if you wanted to track how a car got into your neighborhood, you can track it from the manufacturer through the distribution system – trucks, trains, planes, and car salesmen – into the hands of the owner. However, when it comes to drugs we don’t know the distribution system. The one question that always comes up is, “if the US government wants to stop the flow of drugs, why don’t they go after the manufacturers instead of the low-level dealers?”

The answer: The US government IS the distribution system that facilitates the flow of crack, cocaine, and heroin into the nation and the inner city.

I know it all sounds like a conspiracy theory – “Oh, the big dangerous government is out to get us!” Sure, it sounds crazy. Unfortunately, it’s so crazy that it’s true. Listen to former DEA agent Celerino Castillo tell you about his experiences in Central and South America. It’s a two part video, about an hour long total.

Folks, it’s important to understand that this is NOT coming from the mouth of some paranoid crackhead. This is from the mouth of a man who was IN it all. Here are the video interview of former DEA agent Celerino Castillo:

The one thing that stood out to me before the end of the second video is that Mr. Castillo confirmed the fears that I had about heroin production in Afghanistan. I watched news reports that the US military wouldn’t destroy poppy fields as they showed clips of US soldiers walking through. The one thing I knew about the Taliban in Afghanistan, they are staunch Muslims. They fought drug dealers in Afghanistan and punished them harshly with death. All of a sudden, the US comes starts the War on Terror and Afghanistan is now producing 90% of the world’s heroin.

Folks, this is NOT Usher and Tameka getting a divorce. This is NOT some celebrity sex tape. This is NOT the latest Hip Hop beef. This is the Reagan era revisited. This is the crack/cocaine/heroin epidemic. This is high levels of unemployment and depressed individuals looking for an escape. This is blood-stained sidewalks and kids dying over cheap gold chains and nice sneakers. This is what I remember from the 80s under two terms of Ronald Reagan and one term of George HW Bush. We’re going back to these times thanks to two terms of George W. Bush.

The only thing that’s truly going to save our communities is the will to resist. We’ve got to be reminded of the harm done to us by this fake war on drugs. We have to be stronger than our parents were during the 80s. We have to make sure to NOT succumb to the ease of drug money and NOT look for escape in substances. This shit is coming to our doorsteps. The best thing we can do is be prepared.

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    When you gonna stop BS;ing and get your PhD; start your own college course?


  • Yup. He’s not the only one confirming it. There are quite a few former DEA and CIA agents who are coming forward. That’s why you hear a lot of old school rappers, like Busta Rhymes, give shout outs to Ronald Reagan. Through the Iran-Contra affair, he kept the ghettos flooded with cheap crack and heroin. Rappers Freeway and Rick Ross took their names from the real Freeway Ricky Ross who will admit he worked directly with the CIA to flood poor black neighborhoods with cocaine from South America. And all of this was done with Ronald Reagan’s knowledge and continued under the first Bush.

    It’s all so incredibly deeep.

  • He’s confirming what a lot of us have suspected for years. Shame.