The War on Drugs is Very Winnable

The War on Drugs is Very Winnable
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Why do people suggest the War on Drugs is unwinnable?

Law enforcement, in a good year, may seize 5% of the total marijuana this nation imports. Hundreds of thousands of people are arrested each year for minor possession of marijuana. Homes are invaded on a regular basis. Families are torn apart. People have lost their lives. Billions in taxpayer funds are slotted for this campaign against marijuana use

Yet, finding marijuana is actually a rare concern for many people in the US. Billions are spent yearly for a paltry 5%. People arrested have become nothing more than mild-mannered, non-threatening, financial burdens on society. How many innocent people have been harmed by raids on the wrong home or just misinformation.

If someone is to win this War on Drugs, then who would be winning if it’s pretty obvious that law enforcement has been losing?

Sounds like WE are winning the War on Drugs and we haven’t used fear or murder as a tactic to do it. We use our brains. They shut down airports, we drive it in. They shut down roadways, we burrow it in. They collapse tunnels, we swim it in. They catch our boats on the water, we go under water. All the while they’re losing the border war, we’re growing it on window sills, in pc cases, mobile closets, basements, attics, whole homes, freight bins, underground bunkers, etc etc etc.

The war on drugs is very winnable. We just don’t see that we – growers, tokers, and advocates – are the ones winning it.

Let’s stop looking at it from the point of view of law enforcement. That’s been the problem with this nation so far. We’re too individually annoyed at law enforcement’s ankle biting to recognize how far marijuana has come. We are way bigger than them. That’s why they’ve been losing.

You can’t beat a plant that can grow anywhere!!

Imagine that in 1937, marijuana was essentially criminalized. It was near impossible to get and not widely spread. They’ve set up laws, set up agencies, institutionalized and terrorized generations of Americans for some 75 years. And 75 years later, you’d be hard pressed to find a person who hasn’t come into contact with marijuana or someone who uses it.

Is the War on Drugs winnable? Absolutely. Just look at the record!!

They may never cave in or give up. Marijuana might not be legalized for a long time. But, this war will end some day. It will not end with the eradication of marijuana. Marijuana will be legalized. History is on our side.

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