The Problem With The Marijuana Legalization Movement

The Problem With The Marijuana Legalization Movement
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Here I am responding to a YouTube video where this guy is going nuts over some nice hash. As a grower myself, I like what I see. It’s good stuff. But, something stuck out to me and this interaction came about.Ya know, I love to go on YouTube to see folks smoking buds, talk about growing, etc etc etc. You know when someone is in it for the recreation, medicinal value, and/or just the love. I have to admit that for some time I did kind of feel that medical marijuana was only a stepping stone to legalization. Then, I saw folks like Michelle Rainey. I knew people who needed marijuana for true medical reasons existed but I didn’t really see them.

That changed my view of medical marijuana. Granted, I am indeed a recreational smoker. I have no medical need unless you count the slight bouts with insomnia. Marijuana has always helped me get to sleep and regulate my internal clock. But, I don’t need marijuana to do that. So, yeah, I am totally recreational with it. I grow for my own personal use. I have no problem admitting that.

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t have and show some respect to the people who actually do use it medicinally. So, it bothered me to see this guy on The Weed Report acting like a pure fuckin idiot in regards to medical marijuana. That’s why I posed the question to him.

Simply put, how are other people supposed to think about marijuana after seeing this stupid ‘sumbitch’ on YouTube completely disrespect medical marijuana by claiming VIP patients. I just wanted the guy’s point of view. And, he dodged the damn question. Like I alluded, he lost a lot of points for that.

First of all, how does it look to people who don’t know much about marijuana or who are brainwashed by the government? Let’s keep in mind that in many states, those people are in the majority. We need their support. Second, if medical marijuana is a stepping stone, then why destroy the step before we get to the next step of legalization?

You want to run a medical marijuana business, at least act like medical is somewhere in there and has some importance. Have some respect for the cause. There are a lot of sick people out there that really need marijuana and many who don’t need it taken away from them by stupid, arrogant stereotypes.

I truly hope that when it comes down to it, there are enough of me – professional, self-employed, successful potheads who give a damn- out there to keep clowns like that in the shadow long enough to make his influence insignificant. What’s sad is that at the end of it all, the clown thinks he’s being brave. Go figure.

I am just trying to imagine any pharmacist raving about the potency of the medication they’re giving people.

“Oooooo Anthony, this Albuterol Inhaler hits like a dream man! You’ll be breathing like a champ in no time. Check me out while I take a few pulls…. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH GOOOOOD *cough cough* SHIT MAAAAN.. HIT THAT, HIT THAT! Albuterol is wild stuff.”

Would you take your pharmacist serious if they had that attitude about the medication you’re buying?

Quick Update 5/28/10
As predicted the coward deleted the last three comments and blocked me from commenting on his video. I only went back because someone else commented to what I said. Make up your own conclusions.



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