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Thank You DEA: Marijuana and Economics
Comments Off on Thank You DEA: Marijuana and Economics, 27/07/2012, by in Prohibitionist Idiots

You know, I went to college for business administration. One of the first courses you take to earn such a degree is economics, more specifically, Intro to Economics. In this class they show you this graph. One axis has the supply of some imaginary product. The other axis shows the demand for this i... Read more...

30 Days, No weed. Can I do it?
8 comments, 26/02/2009, by in Opinion

IntroMany people think that marijuana is addictive. This idea is very much wrong. The concept of marijuana addiction comes from one of two places: lies/misinformation or addictive personalities. As I am properly informed and I do suffer from an addictive personality, quitting marijuana for 30 days s... Read more...

Wakeup: Back to Reagan’s Drug War
6 comments, 18/10/2008, by in Opinion

In this war on drugs, there is one question that every poor Black and Hispanic person in the inner city - the dealers, the users, and the innocent bystanders - wants answered, "How do these substances get into our neighborhood?"This question comes about because there is a disconnect in the flow of d... Read more...