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Potheads or Police. Who’s the real threat to America?
Comments Off on Potheads or Police. Who’s the real threat to America?, 30/07/2012, by in Opinion

An often overlooked casualty in the War on Drugs is the American family. The US government promotes this heightened level of violence against American families with the false explanation that they're trying to protect the American people. It's nonsense. To this day, no one can justify the violence e... Read more...

Another Reason Marijuana Prohibition Won’t Win
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I was walking back home from the store when I noticed something and thought I should take a picture:Yes, those are simple plants, growing in the corner between the base of a building and the sidewalk. There isn't much sunlight on this particular block. Beyond that, there isn't much soil for the root... Read more...

Police Corruption: Victims R Us
3 comments, 23/01/2009, by in Opinion

Are Black and Hispanic folks safe? White folks have it easy? What about news reporters, women, children??? Things are much easier around the world, I bet. The Cost of Bad Police PolicyThis just really shows that it's never going to matter how much money is involved or the training given, police... Read more...