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Boondocks: Mr. Medicinal..
4 comments, 19/07/2010, by in LOL

Y'all know I love marijuana right?Yeah, y'all know that. Y'all know I am not just some pothead either, right? Yup, I'm sure y'all know that. I went from schwag smoke to growin some fine ass Princess Diesel . When it comes to marijuana, I could probably run Oaksterdam. They should make me th... Read more...

Obama Fried Chicken.. so what!?
4 comments, 09/04/2009, by in News

Well if I knew it would have been news or even blog-worthy, I would have posted this picture two months ago:This Obama Fried Chicken is on 115th and 7th Ave/St Nicholas Ave. It's sort of an intersection there. I was looking for parking and parked right in front of it without realizing the name of th... Read more...

Tug of War over Michael Phelps
2 comments, 03/02/2009, by in Opinion

IntroductionI really wanted to write about Michael Phelps but I had to hold on a minute. I knew the story was too simple to speak about. Superstar athlete gets caught smoking marijuana, supposedly. Immediately, I knew everyone would jump on that; I couldn't. I felt the story needed some complexity b... Read more...