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Marijuana Patients Need Future Protection
2 comments, 16/02/2010, by in News

The one thing I never liked about Obama's memo regarding medical marijuana is that his memo is nothing more than a memo. It's not a change in the law. I've always stated the memo doesn't really mean anything. If the DEA decided to ignore it, they'd be in the right. They are a law enforcement agency.... Read more...

Haaa, can’t tax my marijuana!
Comments Off on Haaa, can’t tax my marijuana!, 28/10/2009, by in Prohibitionist Idiots

Legalization/TaxationThe fight to legalize marijuana seems to be making major inroads as politicians, greedy for funds of any kind, find ways to get those tax revenues without a direct increase to the taxpayer. While there are some politicians have a more honorable reason for promoting the legalizat... Read more...

Legalization: By Any Means Necessary?
4 comments, 02/03/2009, by in Opinion

After I wrote the last post [link] on why I believe marijuana won't boost the economy, I got a lot of support and a lot of flack. I got support from people who understand what I am trying to do. I got a lot of flack from people who, I find, don't give a damn. I find myself between two evils, both st... Read more...