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Marijuana Legalization. You’re Failing At It.
Comments Off on Marijuana Legalization. You’re Failing At It., 18/08/2012, by in Opinion

As I read article after article regarding marijuana legalization, general and medical, I've come to the conclusion that it simply is NOT going to happen. Don't get me wrong. It can happen. But, with the current mindset of marijuana legalization advocates, I have to admit, failure is inevitable. F... Read more...

Boondocks: Mr. Medicinal..
4 comments, 19/07/2010, by in LOL

Y'all know I love marijuana right?Yeah, y'all know that. Y'all know I am not just some pothead either, right? Yup, I'm sure y'all know that. I went from schwag smoke to growin some fine ass Princess Diesel . When it comes to marijuana, I could probably run Oaksterdam. They should make me th... Read more...

Wakeup: Back to Reagan’s Drug War
6 comments, 18/10/2008, by in Opinion

In this war on drugs, there is one question that every poor Black and Hispanic person in the inner city - the dealers, the users, and the innocent bystanders - wants answered, "How do these substances get into our neighborhood?"This question comes about because there is a disconnect in the flow of d... Read more...