Stink of marijuana? Here’s what you do!

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This past weekend, I was at a friend’s house and I wanted to smoke but I couldn’t exactly return there smelling of marijuana. I am sure we’ve all been in that situation. Letting it air out was not an option. I had some very potent Grand Daddy Purp in a strawberry dutchmaster. It was perfectly rolled using the water technique or “aqua rolling”, no saliva on this one children.

See here:

Excuse the crappy camera phone pics. Blackberry isn’t exactly known for their robust camera abilities.

So, I find a nice little secluded spot to “burn my kind” and make some private phone calls as well. After I got a nice comfortable high, I had to dash to the marijuana mobile for quick clean up.

The Routine

See folks, I am always prepared for such occasions as long as I have my car with me. Now, keep up with me:

  1. Mouthwash: You need some sort of mouthwash to get the smell off your breath. I prefer Listerine because I just don’t trust any other mouthwash. I use the mint flavored version because the brown bottle leaves your breath with that “brown bottle” scent which is nasty. It wears off eventually but still lasts too long.
  2. Drink: Make sure you have a bottle of water; I had juice. Wash out your mouth. Juice is good to hide the minty fresh breath. People are going to wonder how in the hell you leave and come back with minty breath. “What were you doing?”
  3. Body Spray: You need a way to handle your clothes. Spray your body down. The scent is not as strong or long lasting as cologne or perfume. It will wear off but long after the marijuana smell is gone. As long as it’s light smelling and doesn’t last long, you’re fine. I use Axe Phoenix.
  4. Hand Sanitizer: You need to do something about those fingers that held the blunt. Just shaking hands will leave a scent on another person. Apply generously and get it all in down to your wrists. You’ll be fine. I use Lysol version.
  5. Fresh Air: It’s always good to air out YOU. Just walk around the block or to the store. Let those scents dissipate for a minute.

The idea here is to buy small travel-sized versions so it all fits in your glove compartment. And, it’s not just for marijuana smoking purposes. It’s for any occasion. I also keep other things as well – first aid kit, comb, nasal spray, coco butter, etc etc etc. I’m just always prepared. What can I say!?

Some of you won’t have a car or just won’t be driving; simply put, you won’t have your tools with you. Hey, I am in this situation all the time too. There isn’t much that can be done here. Get some orange juice as the acid will help with your breath and some gum. Just try to air out as much as possible. Hand sanitizer is still an option since it’s so small. If not, stop off at a fast food restaurant and wash your hands in the bathroom.

Now, I am going to smoke some more Grand Daddy Purp. Y’all be good.

Don’t get caught by the cops or else you’ll get swine flu!

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