So, how was your 420?

So, how was your 420?
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My 420 pretty much sucked to be honest.

I had it all set and ready to go. I was attending a grower’s party. While I was invited to go to other spots, there’s nothing better than a grower’s party. Imagine about 20 people getting together and bringing their finest homegrown for everyone else to try out. And, it all fell through.

Sure, I could have done something else, gone somewhere else.. but I had my mind set on this party. Oh well, what can ya do?

I know. I realized something.

I don’t need one day for it to be 420. I don’t need the clock to hit 4:20am or pm EST for the call to “light it up”. I realized a long time ago that 420 is every day and every minute. As long as I have marijuana, which I always do, I’ll be celebrating 420 forever.


And, I need to be the one having a 420 party next time.

One last thing,

where did so many people come from that smoke marijuana? I have friends who’ve told me all the bad things about marijuana come up to me and ask how they could get some? The way they bad-talk marijuana users, I’d think they’d be against it. NO WAY. They’ve done it before and they just wanna get high again. But, I don’t blame them. Everyone has a public face and in this “unemployment” climate, it’s best they speak against it. Sure, see me private, email me, text me. I’m here for you.. if I already know you. Come on out the woodwork.

I have friends that I know will call me first when they’re ready to smoke. I love that. When you think you can’t go any further with people, they end up coming to you! And, I welcome them all. They know me and they know if they’re going to do any marijuana, I will make sure they enjoy themselves to the fullest in a safe environment.

I always wonder if my friends’ willingness to try marijuana for the first time is a function of my influence through honest re-education or their own curiosity. I know at least one vote for decriminalization in Boston was my influence. Each one, teach one. Keep it going.

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