Smoking in public: Priceless

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Art of Smoking in Public

I just decided to take these pictures.

The full caption is:

Grand Daddy Purp: $50..
Cig tubes: $5 for a box of 200..
Cig box: Free..
Smoking in public: Priceless

To be more precise and honest, I’ll try to break it down for you a bit better. Of course there’s marijuana.. duh!! The cigarette tubes are not emptied cigarettes, as in they were purchased and then emptied. You buy them empty. You can get them online as well. Just do a search for “cigarette blanks” and you’ll find it. The cig box I got from a friend who’s addicted to tobacco.


A friend of mine had a little trouble using them, the same trouble I had when I first used them. The problem is that the paper itself burns too quickly. This is obviously part of the how cigarettes are made. They need to be thin so they burn down quickly and you buy more tobacco.

The fix is to use a small stick – incense stick, for example – and pack that marijuana down along the sides. So, when you’re stuffing the tubes, tap it on the table to get it to fall down naturally, then use the stick to get the sides. The cig should be somewhat firm by the time you’re finished. Don’t be afraid to seal it up so no bits fall out.

Another tip, which I don’t do but I wouldn’t be right if I didn’t offer the optional idea. If you don’t have a problem smoking tobacco and only want a small taste through out the day as I know some maintenance smokers prefer, you can definitely mask the smell by mixing about 1 part marijuana to 3 parts tobacco. Whatever tobacco you have left over, you can use in the empty tubes later on and you’d still have the box.


As far as smoking in public, you must still be careful. The smell is still going to be very strong so when you are smoking, try to be somewhere alone. From far away, you’ll be fine. People will just think you’re hitting a regular cigarette. Trust me, it works!

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