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If you’re wondering if there’s anything on the site.. hell yeeeaaaaah.. under construction but still plenty of info available.

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  • Michele Kirwin

    I just have a very important question about bypass dying marijuana plant. This is my first row and it’s been very difficult for me let me tell you my situation so you might be able to help me I live in the Mojave Desert it is being everywhere from 100 and 510 degrees but people grow hair all the time with great success my plants are anywhere from 10 213 feet tall and everything was going very good for a while then all the sudden the leaves started turning very yellow. I have had a pH problem I think. I think. My pH is always very high at 8 before I water feed after it is at 6.5. I thought maybe I was over watering so I waited 2 days 3 days before watering again still have the same problem. With plants that tall and big isn’t it kind of impossible to over water or over feed. This train of my plants that are having the problem Haze and granddaddy purple mix. I am sending you some pictures of some of the leaves they look like they almost have that miners bug leaving a trail but I don’t have problem with white flies Just ants. Please help me soon. I need some answers