Prohibitionist Idiot #003: Manic Politicians

Some of the most dangerous prohibitionist idiots lurk in the worst possible positions in society – government. Politicians from your local assemblyman/woman/person to the President of the United States shape public policy. Creating marijuana prohibition is possibly the most damaging public policy to any society. Who do we have to thank for such societal turmoil? Simple answer: manic politicians.

Case: US Representative Mark Kirk [via NORML via Chicago Tribune]

Are you serious Rep Kirk? We’re approaching some level of common sense on the use of medical marijuana and you come up with this sick and twisted policy. This is monstrous and destructive to American citizens on so many levels.

He is obviously ignorant of just about everything that has to do with marijuana. On top of that he has absolutely no regard for how such a policy will affect society. And to make matters worse, of course, he’s supported by a bunch of dumb cops. Go figure!

Well, I’d like to destroy some myths that this arrogant and ignorant policy is based on.

  1. Marijuana, and the THC that comes with it, is nontoxic and not dangerous.
  2. The higher the THC content, the less the user will need – recreational or medicinal.

If marijuana, and THC, is nontoxic, then the dangers implied with high THC is moot – irrelevant, insignificant, obsolete! Besides the fact that marijuana does not have to be smoked (can be vaporized or cooked), having higher THC will allow smoker to use less reducing smoke inhalation completely.

On another note, this policy is akin to the crack vs cocaine sentencing or New York’s Rockefeller Drug laws. Whereas Rockefeller’s Drug laws disproportionately affected Black people in New York City, Rep. Kirk’s proposal will affect mainly White suburban areas. I hope you don’t think the brothas in the hood are growing that good shit in the projects.

Simply put.. IT’S IDIOTIC, just plain idiotic.

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