Prohibitionist Idiot #002: Lies Cops Tell

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In Prohibitionist Idiot #001, I profiled a common everyday idiot of the next door variety. Let’s take a look at some prohibitionist idiots that somehow get more attention than they deserve – the local police.

It amazes me how police officers get so much media attention. They are possibly some of the dumbest “professionals” one would ever meet. Think about it. You take some D-student/sports reject from high school, give them a badge and a gun, and all of a sudden, they’re experts on marijuana and the black market economy.

What are we talking about?

I am talking about whenever there is news about a marijuana bust, some prohibitionist idiot kop (slang for dirty cop) decides to apply a monetary value to that marijuana that is completely outrageous.

For example via

The Story

First, let’s just go over the story. “Police” find 200 marijuana plants. They tell the media that the bust is worth $3,000,000, that is, three million dollars. That’s $15,000 per plant.

Dumbass Police Lies

I ask this simple question: When did these police officers ever get the education to come up with that figure? What secondary learning institutions did they attend that gives them the expertise to decide the worth of a marijuana plant? NONE! It’s bullshit… another prohibitionist idiot lie.

The True Price of Marijuana

As a marijuana grower with a business degree, I can say without hesitation, there is absolutely no way in hell that one plant, grown indoors, will ever be worth $15,000, today. Even in these tough economic times, it would still take centuries of inflation for one marijuana plant to be worth $15,0000.

An ounce of the highest quality marijuana may sell at it’s very highest price $600 (real market price is around $400). There are 16 ounces in a pound. At non-wholesale prices, a pound of marijuana can sell for $9,600. At wholesale prices, a pound of the highest quality marijuana will sell for around $5,000 to $6,000.

When growing marijuana, the measurement of success is how much weight you can get per 1,000 watt, or 1 kilowatt, light, not per plant. The magic number that every grower tries to obtain is TWO pounds per light. Typically speaking, even some of the best growers will only reach about ONE pound per light. You can fit between 12 and 16 plants per kilowatt light. (I’ll speak more about why this is in another blog post)

Keep in mind, we’re talking about indoor conditions. If we do our math correctly, the true worth of marijuana per plant, in the most optimal conditions is around $400 to $600. This 200 plant grow is not worth anymore than – at it’s highest and most optimal – around $100,000, not $3 million.

Who are you going to believe – a dumb ass cop with a failed education
or a marijuana grower who has an actual business degree (education)?

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