Prohibitionist Idiot #001


I’ve decided to start this blog series because I find so many completely stupid, ignorant, and or ugly comments from prohibitionist. Their arguments are usually wrong and based on complete lies or totally made up. I display these comments from prohibitionist idiots for two reasons: Laughter and Perspective. When it’s some low-level idiot, it’s best to just laugh at them and have fun at their expense. When it’s a high-level idiot, we should be concerned because they give ammo to other idiots who don’t know any better.

Laughter & Perspective

Some people know that they’re lying but they continue to lie because it’s all they have left. A good example of this is John P. Walters, the former drug czar who continues to lie about marijuana. He should have retired and just left things alone. But, he fights this crusade to justify his years of harm against American citizens.

Some people are just ignorant. The only thing wrong with ignorance is when people don’t want to cure it. You cure ignorance by getting the truth. However, there are people out there who aren’t interested in the truth about anything. They are stupid. An example of a stupid person is the pastor of a church who insists that marijuana is bad. What “knowledge” do they have? None, outside of the twisted and perverted interpretations of the Bible.
Some people are just plain dumb. Their arguments aren’t based on anything real whatsoever. Their logic is completely flawed. They come to conclusions about marijuana out of thin air, literally. Since this is the first installment of Prohibitionist Idiots, I’ve got a great example for you!

Prohibitionist Idiot #001

This prohibitionist idiot has been found via a Huffington Post article: Drug Czar’s Pot-Potency Claims Go Up In Smoke. Check it out:

The initial comment is simply comparing the addiction potential between alcohol and marijuana. The person, Woodcut, seems to be someone who understands addiction because he admits to his own 15-year long alcoholism. I would go so far as to consider him an authority on addiction. This is someone you can take their word over others. He also uses marijuana which is not addictive. His comparison would have any intelligent individual conclude that alcohol, a freely available substance, is more addictive than marijuana.

What’s so hard to understand about that?

Obviously, it’s difficult for the prohibitionist idiot. Our PI of the moment, SharonWantsToTalk, has tried to imply that because the person knows how much marijuana he has and he knows the California law, he must be addicted. This is how this person has chosen to counter the addiction argument.

How does one extrapolate such a conclusion with such non-evidence? According to her “logic”, licensed drivers are all addicted to driving because they keep track of their fuel, antifreeze, and oil levels and know what to do when they approach a red octagon with the word “STOP” in white lettering. I wonder if they have support groups for those addicted to responsible driving.



If you want to know the truth about marijuana addiction, it’s simple.

Marijuana is NOT addictive.

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    so true…
    I’m sick of people taying shit all the time on topics about marijuana, videos on youtube, etc.
    What kind of brain wash those people suffered?