Pres. Anthony Answers Questions

Pres. Anthony Answers Questions

Well folks, there are a lot of growers out there full of questions and needing some serious answers. And, here I am doing my best to answer them.

Can I get a plant with a little bud on it in a month time by growing for 1 month then do 12on/12off last month?

No. Any plant or even life form has to go through its natural processes. Asking or hoping for a plant to be done that quickly is like asking for a child to be born at the age of 18. You can’t rush this stuff. Just let nature take its course. The fastest a marijuana plant will grow depends mostly on the genetics of the plant. Even the fastest growing plant I’ve heard of would take maybe three months. And, that’s still the case even when cutting corners.

Hey I’m a new grower and I guess I planted too early because I am going into bud stage. They are out door. Will it continue getting taller through the summer even though it started budding? White Widow x Bubble Gum. It’s good stuff but I’m worried that it wont get any bigger.

It’s difficult to answer this question honestly. I am not an outdoor grower but I have read up on it. Also, I don’t know the area nor the weather fluctuations at the time and that all affects the plants. Chances are you did plant too early. You have to give the plant time to get some hardiness so that it can withstand the elements. Remember, indoors, you control just about everything. Outdoors is a different monster. Moving from indoors to outdoors will shock the plant. So the first week or so, it may not show much. If the plant is young, it may take even longer as it’s roots will need to grow as well. Give it some time and let’s hope they aren’t in too much shock.

My plant the widow/gum produced leaves with only one leaf on them, if that makes sense. There’s over 12 hours of sunlight why are the buds getting bigger and not the plant?

It’s possible that the plant is “auto flowering”. Some plants will flower automatically. Also, it could be the case that the plant may have been so stressed that it’s going into self-preservation mode. That means it will produce both pollen sacs and buds – hermaphrodite – and pollinate itself so that it can stay alive.

Do these little plants still produce seeds?

Absolutely. Plants will be plants.

My leaves are yellow. What am I doing wrong?

Yellowing leaves can come from a number of different problems. It’s hard to say without pictures of the leaves. Make sure you join forums or buy a book so that you can identify some problems yourself and adjust accordingly.

How often should I root prune my plant?

Root pruning shouldn’t be done often at all. Once at the most and only if absolutely necessary.

My widow/gum plant still hasn’t grown an inch, the buds have, but its a pretty pathetic little plant. I’ve heard that plucking the buds off will make it grow but the plant is basically 1 bud it will surely die if I did that. Any suggestions on how to get some growth going.

It sounds like it’s a wrap for this little plant. Don’t waste time with it anymore. Don’t be discouraged either. I know a grower that didn’t get it right until his 4th try. Each step he stumbled on was a number of lessons learned. Now he’s growing some damn good Super Silver Haze. So, start over and try again.

How long would it take to grow the small plants you display on the top? And would this be a good start for a first timer? If so, what are the specific steps in order to do this? Like you said, there’s so many variables to growing, and so many ways to do so. What were the specific steps you took and items you used to grow those nicely done small scale plants.

First, I didn’t grow those plants. The plants displayed at the top are for hobby/fun purposes. I believe those plants may have taken approximately three months to grow. Remember a plant is a plant from the smallest weed to the tallest tree. They all only need air, earth, and water.

Is medical marijuana different than normal weed, or is it normal weed but they just call it that because its not used for recreation purposes but rather used medically to relieve anxiety/pain or whatever. As in if somebody bought weed from a person and smoked it because they needed to relieve stress, is this technically medical marijuana or no?

Well there is really no such thing as normal weed. There are different strains of marijuana and they all can affect us in slightly different ways. So each strain is rather unique. But, to answer your question, it is just marijuana that’s used for medicinal purposes. There’s no special or specific medical-only marijuana. If you’re using for medicinal purposes, you have to find the right strain that works for you. For example, Michelle Rainey suffers from Crohn’s disease. She uses, mainly, Afghani Bullrider to help her cope. That strain is good for her but it may not be what is preferred by someone else with or without the same disease.

This is just an example of the various people who want clean, safe, high quality marijuana. I won’t stand behind medicinal users or act as though I am a medicinal user. But, I think I speak for all marijuana users when I say people want their marijuana. Unfortunately, the black market has control over marijuana so it’s difficult getting marijuana safely from nickel and dime thugs and criminal cops alike.

Remember, the future of marijuana under prohibition is small, quiet, personal grow operations. We can continue growing marijuana in peace and not fall into the trap of supporting this failed War on Drugs by buying Mexican cartel trash weed nor paying government taxes used to wage war on ourselves.

Grow your own.

And, don’t forget to join those forums and buy those books. I don’t know everything, obviously. And, I won’t always be able to respond in a timely manner. Don’t let me be your only source of information. Keep growing.

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  • Anonymous

    my plant is turnin yellow from the bottom up what does that mean

  • color changes are indicative of a lot of issues most likely nutrient deficiency. check this site to see which matches your issue
    without pics i can’t really help that much. but i would basically do the exact same thing i am telling you to do – look it up.

    most likely it’s just a nutrient deficiency from not having light and the plant’s natural reaction during “sleep” to put nutrients in the roots because it’s not needed without light.

    putting your plants in dark for 3 days does work but it can be stressful for plants. also, it’s something you should only do if you’re growing indoors. usually the best way to get the plant to start budding is to simply switch your light source to 12 hours of dark and 12 hours of light. but once again, you’re outdoors. nature does all the dirty work for you. as the seasons change the amount of time the sun is up will change.

    next time, just let the plant be a plant. it’s been doing the grow thing for millions of years. marijuana doesn’t need us.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno if this is the right place to ask a question, but i will anyways. i have 2 ice princess plants ( out door) and i was told in order for them to flower i have to put them in totall dark for 3 days. So i did.( i waterd them while this was going on aswell) when i pulled the plants back outside the place where the buds would grow turned bright yellow, but no other leave on the plant did this. Is that normal? I