Potheads or Police. Who’s the real threat to America?

Potheads or Police. Who’s the real threat to America?
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An often overlooked casualty in the War on Drugs is the American family. The US government promotes this heightened level of violence against American families with the false explanation that they’re trying to protect the American people. It’s nonsense. To this day, no one can justify the violence enacted when a man’s home is raided and the “authorities” find what turns out to be a few grams of marijuana or a few plants.

How many fathers have been senselessly murdered? How many mothers have been killed? How many children have had their lives shortened? Damn it, how many pets have been viciously put down? Over what – a few grams of marijuana, a couple of plants, a rumor from a neighbor? Then they claim they’re trying to protect the community. When you sit down and THINK about it all, WHAT DANGER IS THE COMMUNITY FACING? Did dad mow his lawn too early in the morning? Was mom taking her kids to the park too often? Did the children sell sour lemonade at the lemonade stand? What’s the justification for law enforcement to murder innocent people?

How exactly are Americans being protected here when we are all under threat from criminals and criminal police officers?

On one side, we have thugs with guns, selling drugs, and killing each other in the street with stray bullets finding bystanders. On the other side, we have thugs with badges, selling drugs, and killing us in our homes. I guess it’s better because the guns are aimed at innocent men, women, and children so no stray bullets. The sad part is that the only consolation we will ever get is that maybe the first set of thugs will be arrested, indicted, and convicted. When it comes to the badged thugs, there is no justice. So, they have MORE incentive to do it again and again and again. It’s not going to stop.

The simple answer to the question is: We aren’t safe. We aren’t protected. In fact, because of law enforcement we’re in more danger than ever before.

Consider this hypothetical: I’m a marijuana grower. I grow for my own personal use. I use products from American and Canadian companies. I’ve earned a BBA in Marketing Management. I develop marketing plans and do design work. I go out once in a while but I mostly prefer to stay home. I don’t drink alcohol nor do I smoke tobacco. I like to relax with joint of marijuana.

What threat do I pose to you? How much safer are you if I am shot dead in cold blood? Who’s more of a threat to you/your family – a hungry pothead that’s half asleep or a SWAT team that doesn’t have a problem blowing an 11yo child’s heart out of his chest with a shotgun to the back and will get away with it? If you think I exaggerate, look up “Alberto Sepulveda” and welcome to America.

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