Police Corruption: Victims R Us

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Are Black and Hispanic folks safe?

White folks have it easy?

What about news reporters, women, children???

Things are much easier around the world, I bet.

The Cost of Bad Police Policy

This just really shows that it’s never going to matter how much money is involved or the training given, police are bad for one reason: they’re allowed to get away with it. And, even if they don’t fully get away with it, very few actually will do any time in jail for the crimes they commit against innocent people. As long as they’re protected, the people remain unprotected and we all deserve equal protection under the law.

And, who gets the bill when police officers get a slap on the wrist? Do you think police departments have “Oops We Hurt/Killed Another Citizen” insurance plan? Yes they do actually. That’s what the tax payers are for, you and me. Every time you hear about a court case against a police officer, think about the funds it takes to prosecute/defend that criminal cop. That’s some number of potholes the streets could fill. Think about all of the cases settled for five- and six-figures. That money represents the teachers we could hire, in quality and quantity, books for school, and music and arts programs. Now think about all of the seven- and eight-figure settlements. Cities could easily support new infrastructure programs, create more jobs, help strengthen the economy. Think about the toll on society as even decent law abiding citizens are more frightened of police than the criminals they’re supposed to catch because they’re one and the same.

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  • There are a ton of bad cops out there. But in their defense, there are tons more good cops, who put there lives on the line every day to keep us safe. EVERYday I pray that my hubbyFAB comes home from safe from putting his life on the line at work.

  • folk we aint even safe from each other

  • In a world got mad shouldn’t the government have something better to do? I have an online head shop SunflowerPipes.com. I sell my products like glass pipes and glass bubblers to regular citizens above the age of 18. I like what I do and I want to be left free to make an honest living. I have been this business for a few years in that time I have had many occasions were I was harassed by various law enforcement agencies. In a country with huge populations of inmates, homeless and poverty stricken people perhaps it is about time we learn to respect each others personal choices.