Police Corruption Tactics

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It’s always been a wonder exactly what ways the corrupt police officers charge and get people convicted of crimes they didn’t commit. While I can’t imagine to know every single way they spread their dirt, I can definitely point out some things that people in general should watch out for in the event they’re confronted with a typical police officer.


Of course this is the most common of police tactics. Police officers lie big and they lie small. It’s the small lies that do the most damage. For example, when I was arrested for witnessing police brutality on a young Black man, the police officer who arrested me was not the officer who wrote up the report. Instead, they got a Puerto Rican officer to lie on the report saying that he arrested me when in fact, he wasn’t even actually there!

Bait & Switch

I confronted the officer because I didn’t get a chance to see the real arresting officer’s name or number. The guy that arrested me was some short, fat white guy with beedy eyes. He’s the same officer I witnessed pepper spray that young Black man AFTER he was already beaten and in the back of the cruiser on two separate occasions. The Puerto Rican officer explained to me that the arresting officer is not always the one to write the report and I’d be dealing with him, instead.


I asked the officer what I am being charged with and I find out the charges are disorderly conduct and inciting a riot. This is amazing being that I was in my bedroom, 2nd floor, in my underwear watching from the window. Finally, when I get to arraignment the prosecutor reads off the report and the officer claimed that I was hanging out of the window, yelling obscenities, and I threw something at them that “nearly missed him”. Basically, they were trying to paint me as a crazy person in this report. The judge really homed in on the throwing incident because he wanted to know if it missed or it hit. The prosecutor couldn’t explain it because the officer never showed up to the arraignment, obviously. Why would the fake cop show up when he wasn’t even there?

It’s funny because if I did throw something or did hit a police officer, why wasn’t I charged with that “crime”? It’s because they wanted the disorderly conduct and inciting a riot to stick to me without the blow out of a real trial and case in court. Imagine what it would be if I really did hit that officer! Come on! It would have to come out as to why I would do all of that. They don’t want “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” to come out in court especially when they’re busy fabricating reports.

To conclude

This is not anything new folks. This is not isolated to my situation. Simply look at the articles and links posted above. Police officers from coast to coast, north and south, are typically liars. They need to lie because that’s the only way they’ll ever get their “shits and giggles”. As dumb and ignorant as most police officers are, especially the ones who think this doesn’t apply to them, it’s impossible for them to actually do their job.

They’re simply too stupid.

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  • The case was dismissed without prejudice, my records were sealed, and to this day I absolutely have NO RECORD. They tried to get me to cop a deal too. I laughed in their faces. The DA realized what I was, a witness to police brutality. On top of that, the sloppy lies and deceit from the 48th Precinct probably did more to help my situation.

  • So in your case, were you able to get off? Or did they stick you with any of the charges??

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