Police Corruption: Protecting Yourself Part 2

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…continued from Police Corruption: Protecting Yourself Part 1

GUNS, GUNS, and more GUNS

Do not be afraid to own more than one gun which should include a shotgun. Don’t expect to go to war with the DEA or the local police. You will lose. However, you want to make them think twice about coming into your apartment without any resistance. This will give you time to TALK to them so that you can come to a peaceful, non-fatal conclusion for the night. And, be sure to practice extreme safety when storing your guns especially if you have children.

Media Planning

Do not be afraid to gain media coverage of your particular incident. The worst thing for a police department is to have their criminal cops plastered all over the evening news. On the other side be prepared for someone to drag your name through the mud

One guy that does this, and whom I hate with a passion, is this NYPD clown, Pat Lynch. He’s the Police BullSh*t Association president for these corrupt officers in New York City. No matter what happens in the news, regardless of who’s right or wrong, Pat Lynch is out there doing his best to sway public opinion against victims of police brutality. This guy openly supports the WORST of the NYPD. While the lawyers may keep their mouths shut and the officers charged with crimes have a court-issued gag order, this animal comes out to “Lynch” anybody who speaks truthfully about police officers.

This is why you, as a private citizen, ought to know who to contact in your community when racist animals like Pat Lynch attack! These criminal advocates will drag your name through the streets in support of corrupt police. So, you need a potent mouth piece, not to speak badly about police as that’s not needed, but simply to tell the truth to protect your name and image. Don’t get “Lynched” in the media.

Legal Team

You and your lawyer are your legal team. If you don’t have a lawyer that knows you, you don’t have a lawyer. If you don’t have a lawyer, you don’t have a legal team. Get a lawyer on retainer as you would have a cell phone in your pocket. By keeping your mouth shut and collecting as much evidence as possible, you are doing yourself the biggest favor in court. It’s because the police absolutely rely on the fact that there are no witnesses or anything recording their activities that they are able to get away with the crimes they commit against innocent people.

Get Political

Get to know your local politicians and their views on specific issues. They may be the problem as opposed to the solution. They may be the very ones advocating, promoting, or just ignoring these type of do-anything, harm anyone police tactics. At the end of the day, they speak for the people. If the people aren’t talking, then who is being heard? Keep in contact with your local assemblyman on up to state senators and so on. You may find out the worst is true and may need to put your support behind the other person come election time.

Protect Yourself

An encounter with a police officer can be the most life changing event you’ll ever experience. And, it won’t be because you committed some serious crime. It will be because you were walking down the street and they were bored. It might even be a bet between two partners. It might be because they just wanted to play SWAT team. But, when they’ve decided to focus their attention on you, it will be the scariest rollercoaster of your life. They’ll abuse you physically, emotionally, and mentally. And, it can last for months or years. The best way to see to it that this not be a bad situation for you is to put yourself in a position to have the police on defense.

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