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A few years ago, there was a website called Overgrow. Overgrow was THE largest website in the world for marijuana growers. You could find growers of every level and walk of life – small, personal grows to large commercial operations to breeders; recreational and medical; all races, ethnicities, creeds, and religions. If you were a marijuana grower, you knew about Overgrow.

Unfortunately, Overgrow was shut down along with many other sites. That event sent the marijuana growing world scrambling. People were concerned because it wasn’t just a shut down, it was a raid by Canadian police. They had taken servers and were basically hunting down people. Some were caught, most weren’t.

Cannabisworld.com and Overgrow.com Seized By Police
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Fortunately, marijuana growers were able to regroup on other sites and continue growing. They finally understood what was going on. They internalized what happened to them and their friends – their marijuana family. And, they got pissed.

The shutting down of Overgrow and all these other sites stoked fires in the hearts of growers around the world. Overgrow became an ideology, a battle cry. Marijuana growers weren’t just growing marijuana anymore; they were overgrowing the government. Overgrow, the ideology, is a giant “FUCK YOU” to the government and the special interests that seek to keep this plant out of the hands of the people.

Overgrow has become the idea that the people will continue to grow marijuana in spite of all these attempts to kill it. We will grow so much marijuana that it will be completely impossible to keep it out of the hands of the people.

And, it’s working.

So many people around the world use marijuana on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the laws in most countries don’t allow marijuana growing or use. Just as unfortunate is the reality that some of these people do end up indirectly supporting a violent element in society. The people aren’t to be blamed for this. A government that supports prohibition is a government that supports violence and demonizes an entire swath of their own community including their own friends and family.

It’s these people, the users, that are becoming the marijuana growers. They understand the same things that I understand

  • Marijuana is safe to use
  • Marijuana is easy to grow on your own
  • Growing marijuana is safer than buying it on the street

It’s my pleasure to support these users by showing them how easy it is to grow your own marijuana for personal use. I’ve never grown commercially. I’ve never sold marijuana either. But, I have, and will continue, to help others grow their own marijuana cheaply and safely away from violent people, badged or not. It’s my way of fighting prohibition where common sense and even precedent has failed. It’s my way of fighting the greed and lies that keep marijuana from being legalized.
It’s my way to OVERGROW.

Grow marijuana, save a life!

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  • Not only is this a good idea, some people are actively supporting it on a GLOBAL scale!

    Overgrow The World is a site with just such intentions.

    It is our perspective that cannabis/hemp should be re-legalized for ALL farmers and ALL responsible adults, and public plantings on the main street of YOUR TOWN might just be a way to launch honest and open public discussions about the FACTS about cannabis/hemp.

    With a thousand cities, towns and villiages all around North America all having dozens of seedlings sprouting this coming spring, it’ll make headlines.

    For all the “casual smokers” out there, save the seeds that you usually throw away…until spring!

    http://Overgrow.ning.com agrees with Anthony…it’s time to re-legalize one of the most beneficial plants known to humanity!

  • Yes, I checked Oaksterdam and noticed they said it was shut down. The same thing kind of happened to OG as no one knew it was the government shutting it down. It’s interesting. Just have to be careful not to post pics and not to admit that you’re growing in any forum. It’s a damn shame. Don’t break rule #1 of marijuana growing.

  • Anonymous

    Did you know the same thing that happened to overgrow.com almost/or already has happened to the Oaksterdam.com community forum’s??? I actually was a member of OG back in the day and was sad when they were shut down. Now the same thing has happened to O’Dam, I sure hope the DEA is not behind it.