Obama Fried Chicken.. so what!?

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Well if I knew it would have been news or even blog-worthy, I would have posted this picture two months ago:This Obama Fried Chicken is on 115th and 7th Ave/St Nicholas Ave. It’s sort of an intersection there. I was looking for parking and parked right in front of it without realizing the name of the spot until I got out of my car. As soon as I saw the name I pulled out the phone and took that picture. I thought it was hilarious. My friends got plenty of food there during that late night spades party.

My friend told me as soon as Obama was elected, they changed the name. So, this spot may have been up since November.

Check out fellow blogger Rippa @ The Intersection of Madness and Reality for a post about the Brooklyn location where the community seems to be protesting. Leave it up to us African American folk to get upset over small things. Or, maybe it’s just Brooklyn folks that are always uptight about something. I wonder if they’re going to go crazy over this Harlem location even though it’s been up for months without so much as a peep from the Harlem community.

In an effort to support Black business, there’s a great restaurant on 116th street, close to Lenox Ave and I am not talking about the overrated Amy Ruth’s. It’s across the street from Amy Ruth. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the spot but the title of it has the word “supreme” in it. Make sure you get the candied carrots. It’s worth it!!


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  • Ummmmm! Candied carrots?

  • LOL I wouldn’t say THAT night but probably some time during that month. Then again, I don’t know for sure.

  • Yo I never even heard about the one in Harlem, but yet I read about the one in Brooklyn in the paper.That shit is real funny to me, and had I pulled up and parked only to see that, I woulda took a pic too. That pic is priceless. And dude put up the name the night Obama won?


    You gotta love America