No Such Thing As A Good Cop

No Such Thing As A Good Cop
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When it comes to issues of law enforcement, the one thing that drives me absolutely insane is continually seeing this false narrative that there are good police. There are no good police officers. As long one officer can stand by while another commits crime after crime, that officer can not be considered good because he commits only one less crime than the corrupt, criminal officer.

For example, if an officer murders a man, woman, or child in cold blood, he is guilty of murder and all the other crimes that follow to cover up his illegal actions. But, that cover up can not take place without the actions of his partner who is witness to the criminal activities, a captain who chooses to “playvestigate” the crime, and a commissioner who lies to the media.

To make matters worse, this is compounded by union reps that guide lies and followed by a union boss who will “Pat Lynch” the dead victim. Then, the DA that hides behind a grand jury. And, politicians who enacted violent policy try to placate the hunted.

Where in all this corruption of justice does a “good cop” exist? Where are the police officers that will STOP a criminal cop BEFORE he commits a crime? Where are the police officers who will arrest the criminal cop when he brags about how he murdered a man? They get ostracized and fired meaning they’re no longer a good cop, just a decent human being without a job.

I support good police officers. It’s too bad there aren’t any to support.

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