Never Tax MEDICAL Marijuana

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How do you go about telling a terminally ill person that they’ll have to pay more for their medicine? Do you just pass the tax without so much as speaking with them? Do you ignore their hardships and pain? Have they ever even bothered to visit someone in true pain?

With that said, what kind of no-soul-having-black-hearted-son-of-a-bitch would seek to tax the medicine of someone suffering from AIDS, cancer, or a multitude of other terminal diseases?
In passing medical marijuana legislation, politicians admit the medical utility of marijuana while rejecting recreational use. They may not understand how marijuana helps but they only need to know that it does help. This is why they gave marijuana the respect of “medicine” as it deserves. If you respect medicine, especially the kind that truly helps the worst of the worst, then you shouldn’t seek to worsen a terminally ill patient’s overall condition by increasing the cost of their medicine even further.

In taxing marijuana, politicians show it disrespect as a medicine. If they don’t respect marijuana as medicine then why pass the medical marijuana legislation?

What’s happening here is that politicians are playing a game. Unfortunately, this little game they’re playing is on the backs of dying people. I’d rather see marijuana re-criminalized than to see greedy politicians seeking to tax terminally ill patients’ medicine.

It’s just not right.
If politicians want to tax marijuana, then legalize it completely. You can’t have it both ways. Unfortunately, that’s coming from a person with a heart. It might not be a heart of gold but it isn’t blackened and hardened to the world around me.

Unfortunately, this is coming from some very cowardly politicians who want to try to juggle the lives of the constituency between rabid law enforcement, a not-much-better criminal element, and budget deficits. This is totally NOT the right or honest way to go about it.

You do NOT close your budget gaps on the backs of the sick.
That is just filthy.
At least if you legalize marijuana you could affect a lot of positive change in the US. For starters, we could free up law enforcement funding to fight true crime – rape, murder, battery, robbery, and so on. Instead, police officers are busying themselves with petty marijuana arrests simply because it’s easier and safer to do. At the same time, it makes them look like they’re doing their jobs which they rarely do.

You can allow an entire industry (that already exists) to be legitimate. Businesses can open up, employees can be hired. You can also protect the citizens by regulating for quality control. And, you can collect taxes on it all – newly developed businesses, purchases, imports/exports, and so on.

I am not saying that legalization will save the economy. But, it can not hurt us more than the mess we’re in now. And, you won’t have to do it on the backs of sick and dying people.

Either, respect the medicine or legalize the “drug”!!

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