Marijuana will be legalized.

Marijuana will be legalized.
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As long as people in this nation are comfortable with harder and more dangerous drugs like alcohol and tobacco being legal and regulated as well as easy-to-get hardcore pharmaceutical drugs, they better get used to marijuana joining the ranks.. get used to it fast. This nation is changing.

Marijuana will be legalized.

You can still have your little groups. Do a little protest here and there. But, who remembers MADD anymore, even when someone gets hurt? Come on. Alcohol kills 75,000 people per year in the US. Tobacco kills 440,000 people per year in the US. You’re getting a BARGAIN with a “drug” like marijuana which has ZERO deaths attributed to it. Even when the news reports of someone hurting themselves using marijuana, you ALWAYS find out later that there was another drug involved.

What is it that you fear?

Are you scared your son might prefer to be a starving artist over a safe accountant? Maybe a bunch of hippies will be hanging out in a group and one brings you a flower. That’s pretty scary. Maybe, it’s really because “This marijuana causes White women to seek sexual relations with Negroes…” (Harry Anslinger).

I think this United States of America, that you people desire, has an addiction to control and money. If anything is destroying American society, it’s our “neighbors” using rolled-up dollar bills to snort “control” to the point that they can’t even function without harming other people.

Where are the rehab programs for those diseases?

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