Marijuana, the New Gold Rush

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What do you get when you tell a population of 300 million people that you can get between $2,000 and $15,000 per marijuana plant?
Answer: You get a population of 300 million people believing that marijuana is worth somewhere between $2,000 and $15,000.

What do you expect when upwards of 20% of this population are desperately looking for a job?
Answer: A 20% of this population willing to do just about anything to feed their families and save their homes.

Now, here’s the big question…

What do you get when a large number of people willing to do just about anything read or hear in the news that a simple marijuana plant can bring them between $2,000 and $15,000 each?


More people selling pot as economy goes up in smoke

Out of work? Some folks are trying pot. Not to smoke — but to sell.

That’s the route increasing numbers of people are taking amid the worst recession in decades, according to law enforcement officials based in ganja-rich regions around the country.

Marijuana farming rebounds in economic hard time

“A lot of that, we theorize, is the economy,” said Ed Shemelya, head of marijuana eradication for the Office of Drug Control Policy’s Appalachian High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. “Places in east Tennessee, eastern Kentucky and West Virginia are probably feeling the recession a lot more severely than the rest of the country and have probably been in that condition a lot longer than the rest of the country.”

The Problem

Well, if you didn’t click on the linked “$15,000” in the first question, the answer is there (along with the story of Georgia cops who came up with that wild figure).

Prohibitionist Idiot #002: Lies Cops Tell

In short, purely idiotic local, state, and federal authorities that severely exaggerate the value of marijuana and the media that propagates their nonsense. It seems the value of marijuana is subject to any idiot’s imagination. If you’re ignorant of marijuana value, you’ll believe it. If you’re desperate, you’ll look for information on how to grow it.

These conditions, created by idiotic police, have backfired in the worst way possible – for prohibitionists. Now “everyone” wants to grow marijuana like it’s the gold rush of 1849 all over again. And, I am happy to help.


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