Marijuana Purchasing Etiquette

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Being the person that I am, people come to me looking for marijuana connects. Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, NJ, Florida, US Virgin Islands – I know someone. My network isn’t all that great but it’s trusted and I am happy with that. I am also happy to share that network but I only do this for people I know – friends and family. However, when I do share a connect, there are a few issues that always seem to come up. I want to address those issues.

First, the process

I thought it’d be necessary just to give an example of how a deal would and should go. It’s not hard.

  1. Call the dealer
  2. Give the dealer a location to meet you which is dependent on the dealer.
    They may come to your apartment or ask you to meet them in the street.
  3. Wait for the dealer to contact you
    If you have to meet them outside, make sure it’s inside a car or even lobby of your building. Never do a “hand-to-hand” in the open street. Police look for that which is why a lot of Black dealers get caught all the time. You see em on the corner and you can spot them from a mile away. So, can the police. And, they can and will see you to0.
  4. Find out what they have to offer
    Most dealers have more than one strain available at a time. It’s okay to find out what they have and even ask about it. Most dealers have no problem discussing marijuana. But, keep it short and sweet.
  5. Make sure you have the proper money.
    No one wants to sit around counting out change because you didn’t want to bring the right amount. And, no one will tolerate you even one bit if you actually come up short. Whoa!
  6. Good-bye
    Get out of the car, end the conversation – whatever – part ways! The dealer always has other deliveries and your conversation is just holding them back.

How difficult is that? It’s not difficult at all. So, it makes me wonder why I have to discuss specific issues that arise during this process. It really all comes down to the individual.

Problem Customers

Here are some of those people who cause the issues that dealers simple don’t like.

  1. Black Hole
    The info goes in, but nothing ever comes out of it. They sit on the number for months because they’re scared to make the phone call. If you want the number, I need to know you’re ready to purchase. Think about it: if you were a dealer and haven’t heard from a new customer even once in a whole month, would you keep that number? Neither would I!
  2. Wanna-be Kingpin
    Kingpins want you to do all the dirty work because they don’t want to get their hands dirty. These are usually women but plenty of men live in this category as well. The good thing about kingpins is that they don’t waste your time asking for numbers. Just tell them to do their own damn dirty work. Never put yourself at risk especially if you’re not getting anything out of it.
  3. Fake Connect Person
    I’ve come across people who just seem happy to have phone numbers as if they’re the connect person. They talk a big game but they’ve never even called the dealer. So, when they “share” the information, no one answers. Even when they call, same no-answer. No one trusts you so why are you giving away the connect.
  4. Wanna-be Celebrity
    You have a lot of people who think they’re special. They will call the dealer and try to get him to do things he clearly doesn’t do. If you know the dealer works Manhattan, don’t ask if he or she will come to Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx just because you’re not far from bridge. The dealer will let you know what they’re willing to do. If you don’t like that, that’s YOUR problem.

With all of that out of the way, I will hope that people who read this get that buying marijuana does not have to be some huge production. You don’t need your hand held during the process. It will literally all take place in under a minute, maybe two if you actually have a decent rapport.

So, what’s a good customer?

Simply put, a good customer is someone who calls the dealer, regularly. You don’t deviate from the simple process laid out for you. After some time, you’ve built a good rapport with the dealer. Mostly, it’s about how you feel. If you can meet your dealer without even thinking that you’re doing something illegal, you know you and your dealer are operating safely.

At the end of the day, that’s what it is all about – safety from police. Remember, marijuana never hurt anyone but millions of people (800,000+ incarcerated) have their lives turned upside-down every year because of the police.

And, NO! I don’t know you so don’t ask me for anyone’s info!

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  • Hey Anon, that’s a good question. Depending on what you’re getting, a lid should be about 3 fingers in a sandwich bag. But, I see how it feels in the palm of my hand if I don’t have my scale with. It also depends on what you got too. Some weed is fluffier so it looks like a lot and vice versa. But, from what I remember it’s usually 3 fingers.

  • Anonymous

    years ago I smoked a pot on occasion. I have the oppertunity to buy some from a person I know pretty well. He has decided to sell me an once. In an average size sandwich bag how many fingers would that be. I hate to sound ignorant but it has been along time since I have purchased and even then it was a joint or two. I dont feel like wipping out a scale but I want to make sure I am not getting screwed.

  • Dude I’ve never smoked in my life, but you motivate me to get some green in my life.

    Yeah, I’m talking about money…I think. LOL.

    Keep putting in work fam, be easy.