Marijuana Odor Control

Marijuana Odor Control
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Fortunately, I am in a position in my life that I really don’t have to care about what others smell. I run my own business. I own my own place. I can’t get fired. I can’t get kicked out of my home. I run the show. However, there was a point in time when I didn’t run the show, at all. I wanted to burn my trees but I couldn’t chance the hallway smelling like the obvious. So, I did the usual tricks that we all hear:

  • Put a towel at the bottom of the door
  • Use air freshener or incense
  • The infamous ‘sploof’
  • Blowing the smoke out of the window

While some of it helps, none of it actually works that well. So, one day, I’m sitting here smoking a blunt and it crosses my mind so I dedicate a few brain cells to the cause.

It hits me.. WEATHER.

You ever watch a weather report and they’re explaining the high pressure versus low pressure and warm air versus cold air.

I wondered, is that all very different from a room or apartment? Does each room carry it’s own little weather system. While my room does look like a hurricane hit, I am not considering the idea that storms could form in our apartment (although that might be interesting from a high perspective). However, it does explain the airflow and how marijuana smoke will act in your room as warm air versus the colder air in the room. We know about this to some degree. For example, we know hot air rises. It’s why hot air balloons use hot air. It’s the reason why I put the fan on the floor facing the ceiling.

So, how am I going to bring this all together.

Don’t worry about the odor. Worry about controlling how the air acts in our own micro weather systems as a way to get rid of the odor.

So, we know that hot air rises. When we smoke anything, we see evidence as the smoke rises up. Just as with any weather system, that hot air is going to start pushing downward creating a pressure system forcing air out of your place. That explains why the towel is at the bottom of the door. But, it still doesn’t work. Well, where’s the air able to push out first? Through the tops of your door. So, the hallways still smell like marijuana.

You can go through dealing with the door and opening windows but I’ve been there and done that so I’ll skip ahead to the solution.

Open your windows at the top as opposed to the bottom which is how we usually open our windows. The tops of our windows are usually higher than the tops of the doors. So, as hot air is pushing downward from the ceiling, the first exit (location of least resistance) is actually the top of your window. This simple adjustment may help with the bulk of your odor concerns but it’s not over just yet.

Just opening a window may backfire on you as air is actually flowing into your apartment. In other words, the pressure outside is higher than the pressure inside so you end up with a reverse effect. Marijuana odor will go further inside. You should also place a window fan with exhaust controls at the top of your windows to push air out.

Different weather outside will affect your micro weather system. If it’s hot outside, expect the pressure to push air into your home. If it’s cold outside, you can expect the heat in your home to help push the air out of your apartment. This method will leave a small odor trail in your home which you can use any air freshener or incense to cover.

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