Marijuana Mondays

Well my faithful readers, all three of you, I’ve decided to start this little series in the United States of Anthony where I will do my best to answer any questions, respond to any issues, and offer any advice about marijuana.

Who’s going to be providing these answers, responses, and advice?
Your most awesome president, Anthony Taurus. With much knowledge gained and plenty of experience in many facets, I am in a position to discuss anything marijuana related with intelligence. Take an opportunity to read some of my previous marijuana blogs – some fun and some insightful.

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What are you going to be discussing?
Anything and everything. Many people have the misconception that marijuana exists only with thugs on inner city street corners. But, there’s so much more to it – botany, science, political, medical, legal, cultural, religious, industrial and so on.

When and Where will you be enlightening folks about the issues?
Every Monday, take a trip to the United States of Anthony and see what marijuana issues have presented themselves.

Why should I waste my damn time reading about marijuana?
Because you should be informed about a substance that you may not know can impact your life negatively or positively. Why stay ignorant of it? The great thing about marijuana is its versatility and controversy. Marijuana is used by many people all over the world for a variety of reasons. It’s not about just getting high or being inebriated. You never know when you’ll encounter marijuana. Be prepared to deal with anything.

How will you go about dispensing information about marijuana?
I want your questions. I want your concerns. I want to know your problems.
Send me an email: anthonytaurus(at)
Since I am just starting this monthly thing, I’ll be grabbing questions and providing my own answers.

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  • I didn’t grow that. There are few tricks to growing small scale though. I’ll answer in a post tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    I want to know how you grew the shit in the picture with the lighter. I need to know how to grow something short and narrow like that but with lots of leaves and buds.

  • Looking forward to checking this series out =]

    And thanks for the happy birthday wish!