Marijuana Mondays: Episode 1: “I got that ‘dro!”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is the first episode of Marijuana Mondays. If you don’t know what I am talking about it, read this: Marijuana Mondays. Being this is the first of many episodes, I have to come up with my own topic for discussion. Don’t make me do that anymore people. Email me your questions, issues, or concerns at anthonytaurus(at)

What’s in the news?
Pot Grow House Bust At Mall Of Americas
Someone decided to set up a pretty good marijuana farm using retail space at a mall in Miami, FL.

Of course, the DEA, in typical fashion, overinflated value of the marijuana found along with a not-so-surprising statement of, “[We’ve] never seen anything like this before.” It’s the DEA! They’ve been happily destroying families since 1973. If they haven’t seen anything like that before, who’s been busting all of these grow houses over the years? You’ve gotta love it when they lie like that!

On another note, the future of marijuana cultivation is small and personal. This means, if you’re a user, you should invest in a safe way to grow your own marijuana. If you’re on the sales end, you should be selling grow boxes and, possibly, providing seeds and/or cuttings.

Park County judge orders marijuana partners to split assets…
This is an interesting article regarding two medical marijuana providers in Livingston, Montana.

Due to some dispute they’ve chosen to not be business partners anymore. So, what did they do? They went to court to have a judge settle the business dispute. So, what’s so interesting about this? The benefits of legalizing marijuana!

Imagine these were two criminals splitting up their marijuana organization. Who’s going to get the customers, the location, the equipment, and so on? How is that dispute settled? VIOLENCE. That means someone’s got to die. And that someone just might be your child as he plays in the park or she sleeps in her bed! Marijuana doesn’t bring crime and violence.

History has taught us that prohibition brings crime and violence. I point to alcohol prohibition which lasted from 1920 to 1933. Remember Al Capone? Remember Eliot Ness and the Untouchables? The period of alcohol prohibition were some very bloody times with lives lost unnecessarily on both sides of the law. Since the end of alcohol prohibition, when have we heard of anyone fighting over alcohol? NEVER.
It’s time to end this stupidity.

Today’s Q&A
During my first two years as a marijuana smoker, I was dealing with mostly street-level dealers. These guys usually all have the same marijuana – seeded, poorly grown, poorly harvested, old and usually from Mexico. To try to stand out to people, they’d claim they had ‘dro or hydro! ‘Dro was supposedly a better strain of marijuana as compared to the Mexican stuff. Well it isn’t and while I am sure many people know this, many more people do not!

So, what exactly is ‘dro? ‘Dro or hydro is a shortened term for hydroponic. This is not a strain of marijuana. It’s a way to grow marijuana, without soil! Street-level dealers use this term to sell the same substandard marijuana. Some are saying it just to sell more and others are doing it to raise their prices. There are people who’ve been smoking marijuana for a long time and even they fall for the “‘dro pitch”. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know.

The best way to get over this issue is to connect with a good dealer.
A good dealer isn’t going to be soliciting anyone on the street. So, your typical street-level dealer is out of the picture. A good dealer will have a variety of different strains and be able to tell you just about everything you want to know each kind. You will see the difference in quality compared to your typical street-level dealer. You’ll never get ‘dro from a good dealer because ‘dro/hydro/hydroponics is nothing to advertise.

Tip of the Week

If a police officer asks to search you, say “No, I do not consent to searches!”
Even if you don’t have a thing on you, say, “No, I do not consent to searches!” Why? First of all, if the officer has to ask you, it means he doesn’t have enough reason, or probable cause, to search you. You think a police officer will ask to search you if he’s got “reason” to take advantage of you? Nope!

If you do have something illegal on you, recognize and take this opportunity to NOT be searched. If you are searched anyway, it’s an illegal search and whatever is turned up can’t be used against you in court. If you don’t have anything on you, evidence might be planted on you. It’s happened before. It still happens today. It can happen to you.
Why take that chance.

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  • that was a really good tip of the week. I actually learned that in my business law class and it was something alot of people dont know