Marijuana Mondays: Ep. 6: Am I too old to use marijuana?

And here we go with the sixth episode of Marijuana Mondays. If you don’t know what I am talking about it, read: Marijuana Mondays. Last week a 30yo gentleman asked me if he was too old to smoke marijuana.Of course, I’ve got the answer to that question and I’ve decided to add some more marijuana goodies this time, Marijuana Media. Email me your questions, issues, or concerns at anthonytaurus(at)
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Pot Mumblings

Police Chief: Officer Accused Of Choking Civilian Was Disciplined
In Tennessee, police officer Cpl. Bill Cosby (I know lol) choked James Anders unconscious because Cosby believed Anders swallowed marijuana. In the end, there was no marijuana at all. In fact, the guy didn’t even have any marijuana in his system. Of course, all charges were dropped and now the guy is suing the police department. What really makes this case stand out to me is the response by Judge Barry Tatum. While it is unfortunate that this dirty cop was allowed to keep his job, Judge Tatum indicated that he does not want to ever see Officer Cosby in his court again. It’s so bad that the judge said he will dismiss all cases by this officer and will dismiss any future cases this officer brings to his court.

It’s about time that judges start taking some recognizing their responsibility to the people as it pertains to these overzealous officers. How many times have people been hurt because of cops like this animal? And what happens? They get more and more bold with their aggressive tactics because judges allow them to get away with this brutality. Juries acquit officers of murder. Judges give passes to cops on a daily basis. In these days and times can a police officer do any wrong? Fortunately, there’s a court in Tennessee where a cop is being treated with the respect he earned, NONE.

“Tatum said Cosby has ‘cast a permanent cloud over law enforcement and the judicial system.'”

Officer Cosby is a dirty animal with a badge. He shouldn’t have it, he shouldn’t be respected as an officer, and there are many more like him that should be marginalized the same way.

Cannabis Q&A

Am I too old to smoke marijuana?
We are never too old to partake of the sweet green. Marijuana is not some teenage only thing. It’s not the new silly seizure dance of the week. Personally, I don’t think teens should smoke marijuana. We have to remember that it’s smoke, combusted material. While I am no scientist, I do believe that any kind of non-food substance will do harm to a growing child. Also, I believe that children are too immature to handle the effects of marijuana.

Although my first two experience with marijuana were at the ages of 14 and 16, I took my first real puff of marijuana at the age of 23. I am glad that I wasn’t as interested in marijuana when I was younger. I appreciate the feeling more. I can enjoy it without worrying if some adult catches me. I have more money and better connections. Seriously, what don’t we, as adults, enjoy more these days… besides work? I think it’s simply better to start smoking when you are older – mentally secure, physically grown, and comfortable in life.

A word of safety. Many of us don’t appreciate the reality that prohibition puts marijuana into the hands of criminals who most likely don’t care about you. First time users won’t know what to look for, smell for, ask about, and so on. This is new territory. Make sure you have a trusted friend. If you don’t have a trusted friend, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Without marijuana regulation, people could put anything in your marijuana just like the days when rat meat was common in canned food.

If you’re a first time smoker with no one to guide you, take a picture of your marijuana and email it to me at anthonytaurus(at) Make sure it’s clear with no blurry parts. If your camera has a macro function, learn to use it (you will have to get CLOSE). Then describe the weed itself in the email. How did it feel between your fingertips? Was it dry, sticky, spongy, moist? How does it smell? Fresh, chemically?

Green Tip of the Week

Marijuana is not for everyone. Remember everyone processes things in a different way. It’s like milk. Some people are just lactose intolerant and shouldn’t drink it at all. The same can be said of marijuana. While it’s ok for many people to smoke marijuana, there will be a small percentage of people that won’t have the greatest reaction to it. Some people may need more than others to get the desired effect. And some people can get high just by simply being around someone who smokes marijuana near them.

So, if you are going to smoke, start very slow. Short and small puffs just to start it off. Try shotguns. A shotgun is basically someone blowing marijuana smoke in your face. There are different levels of shotguns from the scatter shot to the slug. Think of the scatter shot as second hand smoke concentrated in your direction. And a slug would be someone flipping the joint around in their mouth (burning tip in the mouth) and then blowing it directly into the other person’s mouth, a much higher concentration of smoke.

Marijuana Media

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  • That’s right Cheekz. There are a lot of old school burners out there most notably, Tommy Chong at 70 and Willie Nelson at 75. Honestly, I think after you reach a certain age, like 65, you should be able to do what the hell you want, especially smoke marijuana lol.

  • i got a buddy whose mama is 80 & her mama still lights up. one of my 1st smoking patnas back in the day was in her mid 50’s and i was still in my teens. like you advised, ain’t no age limit on smokin weed…

  • Anonymous

    U damn right, “A Session” is for the GROWN/MATURE/SEXY!! And, I can say, “I appreciate the sessions these days. And true smoker’s know when the good stuff enters the room.. Smiling.. Puff Puff CHOKE.. No pass.. Older folks chief to the FACE!! I buy, I work, I smoke.. Support your own choice of habit. If you can’t afford it, then don’t start it.. U will only make yourself mad. hahaha…