Marijuana Mondays: Ep. 5: Why is marijuana illegal?

And here we go with the fifth episode of Marijuana Mondays. If you don’t know what I am talking about it, read this: Marijuana Mondays. Some folks want to know, rightfully so, how and when did Marijuana become illegal in the United States? Of course, I’ve got the answer to that question. Email me your questions, issues, or concerns at anthonytaurus(at)
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Marijuana Mumblings

Pot rally has cops fuming
The Freedom Rally in Boston is “the largest marijuana reform gathering on the East Coast.” Fortunately, all these guys do is come together to talk marijuana reform. However, some people decide to light up their joints. This makes any police group angry for two reasons: 1) it shows the overaggressive tactics of local police which makes them looks useless and pitiful and 2) shows that marijuana smokers are peaceful and nonviolent which goes against every lie authorities try to tell the media. It’s funny.

Area law enforcement say ‘no’ to marijuana decriminalization

We’re still in Boston here. It seems the good folks in Massachusetts get to vote on “Question 2” which will seek a smarter common sense policy in regards to small quantities of marijuana. Instead of arresting people and giving them records for life, Question 2 would require police officers to give tickets instead. It’s a common sense policy. The only reason police don’t like Question 2 is because they wouldn’t be able to arrest individuals anymore. It’s as if Boston police live to do as much harm as possible to the people of their own community. It’s sadistic.

Drug Task Force Aims To Spoil Marijuana Harvest
This gem comes from Minnesota. Marijuana harvest season is here. It occurs around this time every year for outdoor crops. Seeds are planted in the Spring around April and they grow through the summer maturing some time in the fall. There will be more stories like that as local police departments and the DEA look for patches of marijuana crops everywhere there’s arable land. Unfortunately, all of their efforts won’t really do much to hurt the marijuana market just as marijuana eradication efforts didn’t do much all the years before. Prices will be the same. Quality will be the same. Availability will be the same.

The only thing I can tell folks is to not go near a marijuana patch around this time. The police are getting smarter (that was a joke). If they haven’t already pulled up the plants, they’ll be waiting for any farmers to show up for harvest time. At any rater, it’s another $70+ billion of taxpayer money down the drain to catch maybe 1-5% of marijuana production. The funny thing is that real marijuana growers and dealers expect more of a dent from theft than they do from police.

Questions & Answers

When and why was marijuana made criminal?
Marijuana was first made illegal, at least in opinion, in 1937 under the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act. The act itself did not criminalize marijuana but instead placed heavy taxes on it.The reasoning marijuana was made criminal back then, which continues today, is racism. A lot of people say that it was because of the paper industry. Supposedly, logging companies which provide much of the material for paper production didn’t like the competition from hemp. It was known at the time that a field of hemp would produce more paper that what could be obtained from the logging industry, which is true. But, this is a bullshit reason for criminalizing marijuana.

Henry Anslinger, a racist bastard as too many whites were in that time period, appealed to Congress to make marijuana illegal by claiming: “There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others.”

However, in 1967, the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act was repealed because marijuana production was so low that the act was seen as criminalizing marijuana due to the high taxes attached. Unfortunately, in 1970, the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) came about which would organize specific drugs into 5 “schedules” with Schedule 1 being the worst. The CSA was an effort of the United States to comply with the United Nations’ policy against narcotics. Unfortunately, many people believe that the CSA is unconstitutional and should be repealed. However, politicians continue to weaken the US Constitution by ignoring it.

Currently, the only way to go about getting marijuana legal is to remove it from the CSA like alcohol and tobacco aren’t in the CSA.

Marijuana Tip of the Week

Store your marijuana in airtight glass bottles instead of the little plastic bags or cases you may receive when buying it. The bottle will serve two purposes.

First, it will help contain the smell a lot better than plastic by not allowing air to escape as plastic would. The best bottles to use are baby food bottles because they have a soft gum-like seal on the underside of the cap. Most other bottles have a flimsy paper seal that eventually wears out and allows the smell to come out.

Second, containing the marijuana in such a way will increase its cure. Most times commercial growers will give marijuana a short cure because it’s just a waste of time for them since it can be smoked once it’s dried. However, a proper cure will bring out the natural flavors of marijuana giving it a better taste and smell as well as equalize the moisture levels which can produce a smoother smoke.

The next time you get marijuana, keep some of it in a small baby food bottle in a dark place (light degrades THC in marijuana) for two weeks. If it’s good marijuana that’s grown well, the taste and smell will pop out at you even more.

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  • Tayo. You should have been directing them a long time ago. I’m upset. LOL

    Kitty. Exactly the problem with marijuana prohibition – too many millions of people do it. And I believe Mass has the most colleges in the USA. That’s why they have the most users LOL. Make sure you vote yes on 2. Woooooo.

  • We get to vote on Question 2 in October. I think it’ll pass. I remember seeing a study a while back that pretty much stated that Mass had the highest percentage of marijuana users. It’ll be great if they do. Those cases are bullshit and there are too many of them clogging up the courts IMO.

  • I think I have a couple of friends I need to direct to your site, lol. Very informative… and if I ever decide to become a regular marijuana, I’ll be sure to reference back to your site, lol.