Marijuana Mondays Ep 11: Deprioritizing and Lacing

Marijuana Mondays
In news, the good people of Fayetteville, AR want the police to deprioritize marijuana persecution enforcement. Of course, the general policy makes sense but it’s half-assed on the part of the people. And, marijuana is once again being laced with something. If you’re ignorant, you’ll think this is a reason why marijuana is not safe. I got a great Q&A regarding the longest time I’ve been without marijuana. The tip of the week has to do with finding a paraphernalia. Lastly, I found a Youtube video by Remo, the Urban Grower. Email me your questions, issues, or concerns about marijuana.
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Pot Mumblings

Will Fayetteville Become The Next City To ‘Deprioritize’ Pot?
This seems to be the trend in many cities where the people have finally figured out that the prohibition of marijuana is worse than the marijuana itself especially since marijuana is nontoxic. The problem with deprioritizing marijuana is that it doesn’t address marijuana legislation. All they’re doing is asking the police to be more efficient when it comes to crime.

The problem is that police officers like to get into the kind of ignorance that prohibition causes. Police officers like to fight; they do it for the rush. So, stopping some poor sap for jaywalking (an already police-initiated deprioritized crime) isn’t as much of a treat to their ego. However, giving a guy a hard time over some weed is really something they like to do. This is how they have fun and take breaks – harass marijuana users and use the time to prepare paperwork as a lunch break.

Is cannabis being doped with Viagra?
This is truly an issue of legalization and regulation. During the days before meatpacking plants were regulated, people would find all amounts of other stuff in their canned meat like rats and rat feces. This is the same problem with marijuana today. Since it’s not regulated like a meat market, people don’t care what they lace marijuana with. Back in the day, marijuana may have been laced with cocaine or even heroin. Lately, it’s been laced with sand or metal shavings to increase weight so it would sell for more.

Now, we have reports of people lacing marijuana with viagra in hopes of getting the aphrodisiac effect of marijuana. However, for some people, it’s more profitable to sell something dirty. Legalization and regulation would require that marijuana not be laced with anything. Or better yet, freedom to grow your own would be better in the long run.

Yes, there are some strains of marijuana that have some aphrodisiac qualities like Mikado, La Nina, Cinderella 99 (really good), Love Potion, and so on.

Cannabis Q&A

What’s the longest you’ve been without marijuana?
Officially, five months. I’d stopped smoking marijuana about mid-May. I had just come down from some bad food poisoning. So, I didn’t smoke anything for two weeks. When I tried to smoke again, it just wasn’t the same for me. So, I lost the urge and just didn’t smoke again. I wouldn’t say I quit but then again, I can’t really say I took a break either. I just didn’t have that urge. That is until November 1, 2008. I was just happy for two reasons. Two of my friends were having some troubles of their own. So I hadn’t seen them in months – one since February and the other since June. That’s a long time to not see your close friends. Then I found out my friend from Cali was in town. I was just happy to see these people come back in my life. I felt it was time to bring Mary Jane back in my life. I was going to do so eventually. It was just a matter of time.
(Check back Wednesday for more on this)

Green Tip of the Week

Best places to find smoking paraphernalia
The first spot you want to look is the store. You can always find some papers or cheap cigars at the corner store. It may be crude but it’s short notice and easy to find.

Sometimes, you want something more than paper. Well, anything that can be used to smoked tobacco can be used to smoke marijuana. So, you want to look at tobacco/cigar shops. Although, all “head” shops, or pothead shops, are tobacco shops, not all tobacco shops are head shops.

Finally, we have flea markets. If you should ever be lucky enough to come across a flea market, check it out thoroughly. Some flea markets have incredible stuff – glass bongs, small pipes, incense, papers, grinders and so on. The great thing about flea markets is that they’re cheap.

Marijuana Media: Urban Grower

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