Marijuana Mondays Ep. 10: Puff Puff.. No Pass??

Marijuana Mondays
In news, folks in Fiji are pissed over their smaller bags of weed and a British guy gets unnaturally greedy with the marijuana. What’s the world coming to? Someone wants to know just how many marijuana users there are in the United States. I think the real numbers are much higher. I’ve got a pretty good tip on dealing with the munchies and an awesome video by a Youtuber named Raslyle. He hits about 20 different bongs of various sizes. It’s a marathon of marijuana madness. He is the true Iron Lung. Email me your questions, issues, or concerns about marijuana.
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Pot Mumblings

Marijuana: the smaller they are in fives
In Fiji, the dealers are shorting the nick bags big time. Folks can’t even roll decent joints or pack a decent bowl for their bongs anymore. But, the question is, why? It seems high oil prices did what police eradication efforts could not do; that is, make it difficult for dealers to operate. The cost of transporting marijuana has become too high so folks can’t even get their bud to market as easily. Instead of raising the price directly, they shorted the product. It’s kind of like how they’ve been doing Snickers bars for the last two decades. Hopefully, they won’t raise the price on Fiji weed AND short the bags. What a travesty!

Argument over cannabis cigarette led man to break leg
I don’t think the British need any more reasons for folks to not like them. But, they’ve got one more asshole to put up with. Christopher Lawson forgot many of the unspoken rules to enjoying marijuana. First, he forgot the tenet of sharing. Then, he forgot to mellow out. This clown slugged his friend and then stomped on his leg until he broke it all because he didn’t want to share his weed. If you don’t want to share your marijuana, go smoke by yourself. And, there’s absolutely ZERO reason to get violent about it. Sheesh. I am going to write a Marijuana Bill of Rights or an Etiquette guide. I see that one is sorely needed, at least for those in Britain.

Cannabis Q&A

How many weed smokers are there here?
I believe about 5%, or around 15 million people, of this nation admits to smoking marijuana. I think that’s a conservative number. If it were legalized tomorrow, I’d imagine that number would skyrocket to 15% and that would still be a conservative estimate. I would easily go as high as 25-30% of the United States smokes marijuana regularly with 70-80% of this nation trying it at least once. In considering that marijuana is so widely and easily available – from the commercial growers trafficking tons to many small personal grows – I couldn’t imagine that number being smaller.

Green Tip of the Week

Get your food before you burn
Everyone knows marijuana makes you hungry. A lot of people get into trouble because they go out while they’re still high. This exposes you to so many problems. What if you go to the corner store or the McDonalds or the nearest 7-11 and the police show up? They need to eat just as much as you do. Why take that risk? Or, even worse, some person wants to play concerned citizen or dumb ass samaritan and take interest in your well-being by calling the police on you when they see you.

This is an example what I do. I’ll go out for a hero sandwich or hoagie (Tuna or Ham & Cheese). I’ll buy some juice (big drinks, need lots of liquid). Then, I will pick up some chips (Salt & Vinegar) and candy (Skittles, Whoppers, or Blowpops) and maybe some pastries (Zebra Cakes, pecan swirls, or fruit pies). That covers all the major marijuana food groups – sandwich, drink, sugar, salt, and more sugar. When I get back home, I can either start smoking right away or I eat half the sandwich and drink a little juice and then smoke. When I am done smoking, I’ll have plenty of munchies left so that I don’t have to go outside at all.

Marijuana Media: Raslyle

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