Marijuana Monday Ep 14.2: Hush and other developments

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Marijuana Mondays

Well folks I’ve decided to amp the marijuana advocacy a bit. I’ve relegated myself to talking about marijuana only on Monday, hence “Marijuana Mondays”. However, trying to get some common sense and education into folks is an everyday thing. But, don’t worry about me and my other non-marijuana related topics. I will still be using my heavy brain to analyze all the other stuff around the globe.

The world is changing all around us and in a good way. In the US, marijuana has already won on a few fronts. But, people are still losing in many other places, in the US and around the world, because of misinformation and ignorance. They’re still murdering people in some Asian nations. The DEA is still fear-mongering around the world as well. Switzerland giving out free heroin to their citizens, yet marijuana continues to be criminal.. interesting.

This is why I need to speak on it more often.

But, I digress.. I want tell you about the other best marijuana I’ve ever had.
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Hush (pronounced hoosh)

I got into contact with an actual grower. We’ll call him “Dread”. He was actually a tall, light-skinned, bald head, Buddhist with a bad ass wife and two kids. He was like the Russell Simmons of marijuana. The first time I met him, my friend took me over to his house. This was those days when I was still smoking that garbage.. regular.. ugh. When we got there, he was hospitable of course. We smoked, got drinks, etc etc etc. We were all high and nice. I was watching TV when I got a tap on the shoulder. I turned around to see Dread unloading the largest Ziploc bag of marijuana from a case he carried. One after another, clear plastic bags of varying sizes came out. That first largest bag was OG Kush. The other bags had all kinds of different strains. I felt bad because I was only there to pick up some garbage weed.

This is when I found out he was the grower. He had to actually go to one of his connects to get the garbage because he doesn’t carry garbage but he doesn’t turn customers away either. Now that we understand the individual I was dealing with.

That day would also be the last day I purchased garbage weed in my life.

One cold winter day, my friend and I decide to call up Dread. He’s on the move but he’s not far away. We drive over to his location and he tells us he grew out some marijuana from some seeds he had. It was an accident. He missed a male and it pollinated a nearby plant but he caught it in time. It didn’t spread much. So, he took those “accident” seeds and grew them out. That’s how he got the Hush and we were going to be one of the first few people to try it.

OH. MY. GOD. This marijuana looked fantastic. From afar, it had a light green look to it. When you get close you can see it’s the green of the leaves and the white of the “diamonds” on the bud that combine for that light green color. It looked amazing. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the smell or the taste. I do remember that it smoked incredibly smoothly as I didn’t cough even once.

Off of one blunt, my friend and I were tripping out. Everything was hilarious. My jokes weren’t just funnier but they were actually funny. I could barely open my eyes from all the laughing. After about an hour, we had the munchies really bad. Then again, we didn’t eat much that day. This marijuana didn’t make us sleepy or anything either. We were wide awake after the high went away.

We told Dread he should take this strain to the Cannabis Cup.

Hempstar vs Hush
The reason I have these two strains as my best is because they accomplish something very well. Hempstar is more of a indica. It’s meant to relax and calm. Smoke enough and it will relax you right to sleep. However, Hush was more of an indica. It’s meant to activate your mind and energize you; it won’t put you to sleep. But, smoke enough and you’ll go into those laughing fits or even hallucinate a bit. But, that’s why Hempstar, now Brainstorm, and Hush are my two favorites.

And NO.. I won’t be sharing which two strains combined to make Hush.

Marijuana Media: Marc Emery aka The Prince of Pot (CNN)

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