Marijuana Monday Ep 12: Oh, Happy Days!

Marijuana Mondays
Yes folks. Happy Days are on the way for marijuana legalization effort. We’ve got a new president in Barack Obama, a former marijuana user (and so much more). While there is no comprehensive change in marijuana policy at the federal level, various votes at the state level are sending a signal to the people and the government that it’s time to take a smart approach to drug policy in general and marijuana policy specifically. I think the possibility that marijuana may be legalized in imminent, within two years or by the end of 2010. And, that’s my prediction.
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Pot Mumblings

Americans Reject Bush Drug War Doctrine

  • Massachusetts is the thirteenth state to approve marijuana decriminalization after Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio and Oregon.
  • Michigan approves a medical marijuana initiative much like California’s marijuana policy. And, Wisconsin may be next.
  • Arkansas voters in Fayetteville have voted to tell police to deprioritize marijuana which is an effort to tell police that they’re wasting too much time on petty arrests. The people are not happy with their performance. We can only hope they pay attention to their employers, the people
  • In California, they defeated a measure which would put arbitrary limits on the amount of marijuana needed by patients. People still don’t understand enough about marijuana to start throwing limits on it. Some folks can literally go through an ounce a day which is a lot even for a burner like me.

The thing that bugs me about these state-level changes is that they do not fully address the manufacturing and trafficking, or in less criminal terms – growing and distribution, of marijuana. They only cover the possession of small amounts. We need a more comprehensive policy at the federal level along with proper regulation of the potential industry. They’re steps in the right direction. However, it’s all still a crime which creates more criminals and, sadly, incentive to deal with unregulated criminal elements.

The good thing is that Barack Obama is going to be the new president. This is not some tight wad prick. He’s a former marijuana user, at least. He knows marijuana isn’t dangerous and he knows it’s not addictive. He’s a very common sense kind of individual. I have a feeling he’ll replace the drug czar immediately with someone who’s going to completely revamp drug policy in favor of a legalized and regulated industry.

Cannabis Q&A

How has the bad economy affected your consumption? Have the prices gone up?
The economy has definitely lowered my consumption and caused me to cut down a bit. The smart move right now is to put your money in the bank account and try not to spend too much. Prices have gone up but in a backward sort of way. Instead of actual prices going up, quantity has gone down. So, we’re paying the same price for a lot less. When a full eighth, 3.5 grams, used to be $50, we’re now getting less than 2.5 grams for the same $50. You know what it is when you walk around with a digital scale.

But, as I always say, the future of marijuana is in personal growing (if it isn’t legalized). Plants can be kept small. You don’t always need a lot of space. People are growing in small boxes [source] and PC cases [source].

Green Tip of the Week

Moisturize Your Smoke
While this is a tip that everyone should know about, many people still don’t. Sometimes we get marijuana that’s dry. Dry marijuana will do the trick, just more harshly as the dry smoke dries out your mouth and throat. Marijuana that has a little moisture in it, will be a little bit better on the throat. To put moisture back into your marijuana, place something moist in the same container with whatever marijuana you’re about to smoke. That “something” could be a piece of fresh lettuce, small slice of orange peel, or wet a small piece of tissue and leave it locked in the container. The moisture from the tissue will begin to humidify the container and the marijuana will soak up whatever it can get. Give yourself about two hours for this process to take place. In the end, you want your bud to be spongy feeling. When your squish it, it won’t turn to dust but instead show some elasticity. Also, the stickier the better.
Warning: Be careful not to put too much moisture in the container for a long period of time. Mold will form on the bud. Smoking mold will kill you. The best way to prevent mold is to keep your marijuana in a cool dry place. The refrigerator works very well.

Marijuana Media: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition [site]

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  • Kitty.. what!? microwave.. huh.. LOL.. you crazy.. don’t put yo trees in the microwave unless you plan to be doin more than smoking them.

    Hey Ganja Blue. Have you been checking weights? A lot of buyers don’t use a scale all the time. Use the scale and see if they’re skimpin on the grams. I think the quality is probably suspect as you have more dealers out there trying to get by on bullshit cannabis.

    I just got a new connect over the weekend. My friend told me his stuff is hit or miss. So, I brought my kit, scope and scale included, and bought some from him. Unfortunately, he’s charging about $20 a gram but the quality is really good. He said it was Super Silver Haze but I tasted some Sour Diesel and it was sticky as hell.

    I’ve always thought about getting a humidor but I never have enough marijuana at any one time (not anymore lol) and they’re too expensive. On top of that, I have a gut feeling they would hurt more than help compared to the tobacco it’s made for.