Marijuana Does NOT Cause Psychosis

Marijuana Does NOT Cause Psychosis

So, I’ve been pretty much inundated with nonsensical articles about marijuana causing psychosis. While many people have set the record straight on this issue in the past, it keeps coming back as some new article. Simply put, someone put together a half-assed study and somehow came to the conclusion that marijuana caused psychosis – schizophrenia, etc.
Well, let’s set the record straight again…

No, marijuana does not cause psychosis. This is more prohibitionist, drug war lies to keep marijuana criminalized. They purposely confuse causation and correlation. In other words, does marijuana use cause psychosis or is it the case that people who are predisposed to psychosis seek drugs most likely as a way to cope with their psychosis?

Instead, the authors of articles, most likely inspired by prohibitionists, purposely leave out many facts. For instance, what other factors in their lives may have affected the subjects mentally?

For example, you may see a 65yo man with mental problems claim he’s been using marijuana for 20 years. And, that’s pretty much all the study took into consideration – marijuana use. Well, what if that 65yo man was a Vietnam War veteran? Wouldn’t the hardships of war contribute to a psychosis? What about potential exposure to chemicals used by the military during the Vietnam War such as Agent Orange? How do you factor the possibility that 65yo man’s other habits may have included alcohol and cocaine abuse?

These factors are NOT considered in these studies. That is why, many times, these studies are debunked and ignored (yet again).

Yet, prohibitionists pick them up and sensationalize them to make our friends and families seem like they are crazy animals instead of decent human beings. The prohibitionists are losing the war on marijuana and they know it. So, they trot out these old, tired arguments that have been debunked time and time again because for many people, this is new information. As I know, this is not new information nor is it a “new” study.

Even before these studies came about, during prohibition’s early days, marijuana was painted as causing psychosis. Documentaries developed in the 30s portrayed marijuana users as everything from out of control young girls to crazed murderers. Law enforcement tried to blame many crimes of that time on marijuana use as is the case with Victor Licata. So, there is a long history dating back to the initial days of prohibition in which law enforcement tries to connect psychosis to marijuana.

The more you educate yourself and educate one another against the misinformation campaign by prohibitionists, we find more and more that marijuana is not the dangerous killer drug that it’s made out to be.

Education is legalization.

Enforcement of marijuana prohibition costs American taxpayers approximately $12,000,000,000 (billion) per year (which goes directly into the pockets of prohibitionists). With politicians interested in cutting spending, wouldn’t it be nice to cut $12,000,000,000 from the budget by legalizing marijuana? Imagine the tax revenues that can be received if marijuana were legalized in the form of new businesses and jobs that can increase tax revenues across the board.

Law enforcement could also do more to solve real crime instead of wasting their time and tax payer funds on petty marijuana arrests.

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  • Rae Rae

    Okay, really, wtf does that even mean “activate latent schizophrenia”. I dated a guy with schizophrenia, did a couple science reports on it, and it strikes me as silly that people can’t connect the fact that MOST PEOPLE smoke their first joint between the ages of 15 and 18, and dang nearly 100% of schizophrenia sufferers experience their first symptoms between 15 and 18. I’ve NEVER read anything credible in any actual research of schizophrenia that actually has any sort of reference to “cannabis induced schizophrenia” or some sort of state of dormant schizophrenia that is triggered by cannabis. It’s silly, it’s not true, but it’s kinda predictable that humans fall for this fallacy over n over again. “I smoked a joint for the first time. Then I experienced schizophrenia symptoms for the first time. One must have caused the other.”

  • Don’t cause psychosis, but can activate latent schizophrenia, as in my case, on the other hand, in the long run this may open the road to greater and healthier development of the psyche, this is what those folks are afraid of, cripples and cramped defenders of everyday normality. (But say what really causes psychosis – for example catholicism and similar fairytales – and you’re quite deeper in problems than you might like.)