Marijuana Addiction and Tolerance Breaks

Marijuana Addiction and Tolerance Breaks
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It’s supposed to be common knowledge that marijuana is an addictive substance. However, most marijuana users, potheads, will say that marijuana is not addictive. So, who’s right about that? Who’s being honest and who’s lying about the addiction potential of marijuana?

Well, I’d like to point out to something that potheads do that addicts, who suffer from real addiction, can’t do. It’s called a tolerance break.

See, when using marijuana, you get to a point where your tolerance for the substance becomes so high that the marijuana will not affect you as much as it did when you first used. So, you end up using more. If you ever hear of a pothead saying, I’m taking a break, a tolerance break, or a t-break, it means they’re allowing the THC in their system to diminish.

This is special because no other drug using group can claim to take any kind of break as if it were food. Marijuana users are the only group that can stop using marijuana as easily as one who wants to stop eating fast food. A choice exists. Real addicts don’t have a choice.

I’ve never seen a crack head, get off his dirty mattress to say, “hey, I think I’m gonna take a break from all this crack because it’s costing too much and I’m not getting the same high.”I’ve never seen that with a heroin addict. I’ve never seen that with a meth head. Alcoholics Anonymous exists for people who are addicted to alcohol. Nicorette gum, nicotine patches, and more exist to aid people addicted to tobacco.

Not one in any of these groups can claim that they’re taking a break, completely without help, from their addiction with the intention to continue using at a later date. That’s real addiction.

When a man can say, I’m going to take a tolerance break from marijuana use, that’s a clear sign that addiction is not a problem for the marijuana using community.

As for me, I’ve taken breaks plenty of times, 30 day breaks.

If marijuana is addictive and users are addicted, then explain the concept of tolerance breaks. What’s so special about marijuana, that its users have the luxury of thwarting addiction so easily when marijuana is supposedly so addictive?

The answer is quite simple. The nature of marijuana is such that it sits in your fat cells. Over time, it slowly releases into your body. This is why it takes 30 to 45 days to rid your body of marijuana. While this feature has become a negative as those in our modern society use it to hurt people, it’s really a life saving mechanism that helps keep marijuana users from ever getting addicted to the substance. No other substance has such a feature.

So, is marijuana addictive? Absolutely not.If you used it once, would you want to use it again? Most likely. That doesn’t make marijuana addictive. It makes it enjoyable. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself. And, while I may not be the most credible source on marijuana addiction, I can guarantee you won’t end up like that guy in the image above (Menace II Society).

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