Leave Dr Oz Alone

Leave Dr Oz Alone
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Doctors, today, need to learn how to embrace other methods of diet and treatment because the fact is, science, as they want it, refuses to give credit to 1000s of years of “unorthodox” remedies until they need it. They think that because it wasn’t tested in some lab that it automatically means it doesn’t work. That’s nonsense. Consider, we don’t need a science journal to tell us that hemlock is poisonous. We don’t need a scientific study to tell us that staying hydrated is important. We learned these things through the very non-scientific methods that has created thousands of non-scientific remedies that these doctors reject.

Try reading more than a science journal for a FULL education. It’s your duty. For example, science can’t figure out how to combat MRSA, effectively, but an old remedy did the trick. Further proof we can’t trust today’s doctors is marijuana. Besides the thousands of years of recorded history and even with the thousands of modern studies around the world, we still have doctors stupid enough to go against marijuana as a treatment. The point is, science can be used to prove and disprove. But, you can’t throw out thousands of years of medicine just because science has proven it yet. Those thousands of years should be more than enough to say, “Hey, we should give this a chance!”

The real problem is that these doctors don’t have minds of their own. They’re waiting for someone to tell them what to do. Sorry doc.. people are out there hurting and even dying and waiting on you to be told which medicines MIGHT work isn’t good enough. Clearly, people are dying regularly and there are treatments and cures that work but we’ll never find out becauseĀ  we’re taught to reject old world remedies and wait for pharmaceutical companies to pay you to make us buy their chemicals concoctions.

Doctors like Mehmet Oz have an important place in society. He may be wrong at times. But, instead of complaining about not having evidence, why not focus on proving or disproving his claims? Use science to be useful instead of using the lack of science to useless.

Lastly, people need to start considering these old world remedies. Those “witch doctors” didn’t weren’t recording data and writing down ingredients and methods because they thought a thousand years from now, it’d be funny to see someone mash some crap in a bowl and put it on a wound. Just like some doctors today, they were doing their own tests and their own studies on what worked and what didn’t work. And, a good portion of the time, they were right. Keep in mind, quite a few of today’s’ treatments and remedies come from the work these “witch doctors” did hundreds and thousands of years ago.

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