Is marijuana legalization working? Yes it is!

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Economics 101

In any economics class, even in high school, we learn that the more supply there is, the more the prices will drop. In fact, that lesson was hard-learned during the Great Depression. Manufacturing companies produced so many goods that they couldn’t get them sold fast enough. If everyone in the US already has a television, then it will be difficult to sell new televisions. Seriously, this is Economics 101.

Well, listen to this.

No government agency is going to be able to tell you what I am going to tell you right now. They don’t have their fingers on the pulse of marijuana growers in the United States – not like I do. There’s no article to link to that will tell you what I know. There aren’t any reporters who can be this close to the situation. So, sit tight and pay attention.

Marijuana growers are hurting in California. Let me repeat this fact so everyone can see it in plain English.

Marijuana growers are hurting in California.

The level of competition has gotten so high that prices have to come down across the board. It’s literally flooding the market. And, the customer base is NOT going up so there’s no one there to “consume” all of that extra supply. Think about it. Marijuana is so easily and readily available. Who couldn’t get it? How many more customers are going to try marijuana beyond the ones who are already using it?

Also, it’s the harvest season between late September, through October, into early November. That means MORE marijuana is going to flood the market thus lowering prices in the next few weeks.

The growers are looking forward to local, state, and federal authorities’ eradication programs. They want the eradication programs to take place because that lowers supply thus decreasing competition and keeping prices high.
The big problem are SOME of these “compassionate” clubs. They still charge street prices even though many of them are low-balling the growers on wholesale prices. Can you blame them? With all the increased supply, they have a right to demand lower prices. I just think it’s sick that some of them would knowingly have lower costs and still charge people street prices. But, this is a function of prohibition and greed. It’s a middleman’s market and these clubs are taking advantage in a big way.

For the record, in less than a year, legalization is doing what prohibition could not do in 70+ years. It’s taking the profit out of the crime.

It’s still early, but I will wait to see what this season’s harvest brings.

On another note

This is specifically why I promote personal marijuana growing.

If everyone had their own grow operation, they wouldn’t need to buy marijuana from anyone else, or less often, thus curbing crime and freeing up the burden on police to do the impossible. Until marijuana is legalized, regulated, and taxed across all 50 states, I will continue to promote personal marijuana grow ops.

It’s easy. I’ll start you off. Anthony’s Marijuana Growing Advice

Honestly, I have a feeling I’ll still support personal marijuana growing even after legalization. Can you imagine what the tobacco industry would do if marijuana became legal. We already know what they do to tobacco – adding carcinogenic chemicals beyond the stuff the plain tobacco will do to you. I can’t imagine seeing anything good out of Marlboro Marijuana cigarettes. Nope, I’ll keep growing my own.

If marijuana is regulated, I would hope the regulations include a “NO CHEMICAL ADDITIVE” rule, law, statue – whatever. The tobacco industry relies on these chemicals to process tobacco into those cancer sticks. However, today, we grow marijuana without these harmful chemicals and there’s no reason that practice should ever change.


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