If you think marijuana helps you escape…

If you think marijuana helps you escape…
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…you’ve seriously got to stop drinking the law enforcement alcohol.

A lot of times when I talk to people or read comments, they imagine that using marijuana is a way to escape or forget about things. It’s as if marijuana will make the problems go away.

Where do they get these ideas from about marijuana?

The truth is, most people don’t know what it feels like to be high on marijuana. Their only image of being high comes from whatever interactions they’ve had with anti-drug warriors like the DEA and DARE programs while growing up. These programs create an image that is applied to all people using any illegal substance. As a crack/meth/heroin user is trying to escape or forget their problems so are marijuana users.

But, marijuana is not crack. It’s not heroin. It’s not meth. And, it doesn’t help you escape or forget anything.

So, the real question is, what’s a marijuana high really like?

That’s a hard question to answer for many reasons. Not all marijuana is the same. Unlike cocaine, marijuana is not man made. The good thing about being man made is that it’s standardized and controlled. The quantity and quality should always be the same. The effect of the substance will always be the same. Marijuana comes in different ways. It’s like wine or tobacco. Different wines from different grapes and different methods are going to have many different results. Tobacco has growers around the world which is why if you smoke cigars, you’ll see green leaf, light brown leaf or a dark brown leaf. There’s even different thicknesses to the leaf.

Everyone is going to have a somewhat different high depending on their mood, environment, strain of marijuana, and amount of use. Personally, I’ve experienced a number of different highs from the many different types of marijuana as I’ve been in different moods and situations. It all depends. On one side of the spectrum, I’ve felt either relaxed or energetic. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve fallen into very good and deep sleeps and other times I’ve mildly hallucinated. I’ve never had a bad experience using marijuana. At the end of it all, the effects will wear off very soon, within a few hours.

As far as escape, it’s the last thing I see myself doing while high on marijuana. Most times when I get high, I think about my problems and how to solve them – social, physical, business, family. How do I deal with a crazy girlfriend? I really need to lose some weight and tone up? How will I approach this design for the client? Maybe the answers will come and maybe they won’t. But, I never escaped. I never forgot.

In fact, I’m gonna roll a joint right now or maybe I should roll a blunt! See, problems need solutions. Too bad I’m not high right now, right? It’s a weekend, nothing to do… BLUNT!!

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