I don’t want to smoke anymore…

I don’t want to smoke anymore…
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Mind you, I type this with a half-burnt, unlit joint between my lips which I will relight as soon as I find my lighter….

I have just had the most smoked out weekend I’ve ever had in my life, absolutely, the most smoked out weekend.

So, I went down south with some friends. And, we’re keeping actual identifying details to a minimum here, of course. Anyway, it was two days of good friends and good bud. There was some other kinds of bud there but nothing was better than what I ‘had brung’ from up north, that OG Kush to be exact.

I know most of my readers are bong smokers but we roll blunts around here. So, get your cringing out now if you’re inclined to do so. I do understand but it’s a way of life up here.

We smoked all the time. The only time we weren’t smoking is when we were asleep. There was always a blunt in rotation.

I actually got tired of smoking marijuana. So, I need to take a break… 30 days! My tolerance was already way too high and I definitely need to give my lungs a rest anyway. And, they say marijuana is addictive.. what a joke!

Special thanks to…

  • …my friends
  • …my connect here in NYC
  • …the smoking suites at Comfort Inn and Econolodge in NC
  • …the cop who smelled the car, knew what we were doing, and let us go free in… VIRGINIA.
  • …Republicans for defunding government services such that there aren’t any police on the street and they aren’t educated enough to know where to look even if they were on the street

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