Homegrown: The Future of Marijuana

Homegrown: The Future of Marijuana
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Although this occurred to me a long time ago, I’ve yet to give the concept its true attention.DEA targets marijuana grow operations at a cost of some $12 billion every year. Local cops purposely create pseudo-war zones in urban communities with minority targets. Criminals destroy one another in search of a piece of the pie. Politicians stand by twiddling their thumbs as people are murdered in the street. Bullets flying from both directions. Marijuana users can’t find decent marijuana at a fair price.

The best option to put a stop to all of this pain is legalization.

But, you have law enforcement building lies upon lies to protect their easy jobs. Lawyers salivate over marijuana cases because of the ease in prosecuting marijuana cases. Large companies put millions behind pro-prohibition candidates to keep marijuana competition from being legitimate. By being tough on easy marijuana crime, politicians can pretend to care about their constituents.

It’s clear to me that the movement toward marijuana legalization is a perfect example of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Then again, the details of this situation prove to be a less difficult scenario. Criminals work with law enforcement because most times, law enforcement are the criminals. So, the immovable object and unstoppable force become one and the same. That’s the current nature of this war on drugs. This is why it’s failed.

But, that’s aside from the point.

All of these people have their own loyalties whether it’s to their own riches or to someone else. That’s the nature of humanity. We really only care about ourselves individually. And, this is what what I appeal to with my marijuana using peers.

You see.. the criminals only care about making money. Law enforcement only cares about statistics. Politicians only care about getting votes. And, those random prohibitionists only care about who they can tell what to do. We all know, behind closed doors, the prohibitionists are doing the worst.

The solution becomes simple. What’s the best way to stay away from criminals? What’s the best way to keep off of law enforcement’s radar? How do we go about keeping those random prohibitionists out of our business? How do we get politicians to do something about marijuana legalization?

Answer: Set up your own personal grow room/box.

The main problems most people have with growing their own marijuana is fear of being caught. Rippers may find your stash and try to run off with it. Cops may show up at the door to investigate a noise. And, there are always nosy neighbors who smell or hear something. There’s a lot to be concerned about. But, all of these concerns can be addressed.

There’s a reason many people grow their own marijuana and get away with it. I’ll tell you how it’s done next time…

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