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I am not anti-semitic, I am anti-bullshitic!

Something has been hitting me in the head from time to time. It’s never usually enough to warrant a blog but the buildup over the years brings me to mention and remind people of something.


Why do I feel the need to mention the obvious? Simple! How many times have we heard the FALSE term – half-jewish? Honestly, I am sick and tired of hearing that shit as if you can be half of a religion. People don’t walk around saying they are half-Muslim and half-Buddhist! It would be the dumbest damn thing anyone would have ever said. So, how in the hell do Jewish and even non-Jewish people get away with claiming they’re, or there is, something as silly as being half-Jewish? It’s simple SAT question when you think about (see below):

Instructions: Choose the answer that fucking fits best!

Blue is to color as Jew is to

  • a) race
  • b) religion
  • c) gender
  • d) sexual preference
  • e) fake ass Reggae artist

If a Jewish person donated sperm, would that child then be half-Jewish as if they were half-Black? No! That child wouldn’t know a damn thing about Judaism. But, you sure as hell would know that the child was half-Black!

You’ll know more so if the NYPD shoots ’em in the back for no reason (read: being Black)!

If they did DNA tests, would some “Jew” gene pop out with a propensity for craving money, having a big nose, and wearing a furry ass top hat during certain ceremonies? NO!

Anyway, lets quit this crap. People like Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet are NOT half-Jewish. They are half-White. Are they really Jewish in faith and practice Judaism? Who the hell knows? Who the hell cares? The point is that there is no such thing as half-Jewish. You’re either a Jew or you’re not!

Now, anyone can claim their own bullshit theories, thoughts and ideas about this issue. But as I’ve said before, I am anti-bullshitic. So, I won’t be paying any attention to the bullshit as I have a bias against those who practice the religion of Bullshitism!


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  • Man I’m laughin my ass off at this post. This is the type of stuff I think about randomly from time t time.

    There are truly some dumbass people in this world who seek to be exclusive, or feel important. Its a wonder they never claim to be half idiot at times.

  • i gotta come back to this later….good point though!!! like people saying someone speaks ‘Jewish’…lol just plain ignorant…there’s many more strains of this type of ignorance floatin around so thanx for peggin one playa! most jews strongly think they are white any damn way