Grow Your Own: Intro

Grow Your Own: Intro
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In my efforts to teach folks how to grow their own marijuana safely away from criminals (police included), I realize most people don’t have an idea of where to start. So, I’m here to help you out with that in a 4-part series from Tuesday to Thursday, May 12 to May 15th. Today, I just want to introduce it all.

First, I’ll give you some tips on how to keep the badged thugs off your scent while you’re buying your start-up equipment. The next post will cover the specific items you may need. Then, we’ll put it all together to show you how to grow marijuana. Finally, I’ll end it the same way we started – keeping the badged thugs off your scent but while you’re already up and running.

Small Reminder.
This guide to growing indoors will be incomplete. It’s incomplete because there are too many variables to cover in each person’s situation. Problems will arise from individual to individual. For example, no one’s grow space will be the same size. Some people will need different answers to the same questions. While I think I know a lot, I don’t know everything.

I encourage interested growers to buy a marijuana growing guide, but wait until the end of this series to buy anything. There are plenty of books out there that are readily available. I also encourage people to join marijuana forums and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember, not every marijuana grower is out there to make money. Some people do it for medical purposes and some do it just for the love of it. They’re usually good people at these forums. They don’t want to see anyone hurt. So, they’ll gladly answer your questions just as I would.

Take a rest, relax! Tomorrow’s a new day!

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