Grinders & Glass: Four Levels of Marijuana Smokers

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There are four levels of marijuana smokers. The first three levels are easy to attain. The fourth level requires years of experience. For each level, you need particular tools of the trade.

Typical Smoker

This person just smokes what’s out there. He doesn’t care what it is as long as he’s getting high. He’ll, at least, have a connect and know how to roll his own joints and/or blunts. Some people exist at this stage for a long time, sometimes for life. They simply aren’t interested in other things marijuana-related. You’ll find scavengers, most women, and some small timers smoking mainly mexibrick weed (cheapest) and maybe once in a while finding something worth the time.

The Marijuana Kit:
Small Utility/Pocket Knife if anything at all.

Typical user won’t need much smoke. He can basically do everything with his bare hands and a little spit. At most, he will only use a small knife to aid in rolling.

Educated Burner

He cares about what he is smoking and how he smokes it. He will learn as much as possible about marijuana and be on a clear path to marijuana enlightenment. This is the level where people find out all of the bullshit names of marijuana on the street are the same damn thing. For example, hydro is NOT a type of marijuana. Hydro is HOW it’s grown. It’s like saying I got that “soil”! Soil is not marijuana and neither is hydro. In this level, you will find snobs and medical marijuana smokers.

Marijuana Kit: Knife, grinder, container, and different smoking apparatuses: glass, wood, ceramic, metal, papers of different brands and flavors.

The Educated smoker will research marijuana and learn as much as possible about his favorite marijuana! For this he will need to experience different types of marijuana as well as different ways to smoke to find his own comfort zone. He will know he needs a grinder because breaking bud up by hand has become an annoyance as he now smokes so often. He will need a container to hold all these things.

Expert Toker or Connoisseur.

The expert will have figured out a lot of things about marijuana and himself. He’ll have a favorite type of marijuana having tried many different strains and knowing the general type of reaction each one will have. You can ask the expert anything about marijuana and he will be able to tell you.

Marijuana Kit: Knife, Grinder, Scale, Microscope, Special container, Glass Bottle, small one-hitter.

Why? At this point, the knife is just in case. You don’t know why or when, but you will need it. The grinder is for grinding marijuana if you need it. Small digital scale is used to make sure you get proper weights from the dealer and to measure out how much you will want to use per blunt or bowl so you don’t overdo it. Microscope will be used to inspect the marijuana as you get it. A glass bottle will be used to help with two things: further curing and smell. A small one-hitter will be useful with small quantities.

Elite Connoisseur.

It takes years of experience in marijuana and a tight network of trustworthy people to reach this stage of the game. He will more than likely be someone who has grown his own marijuana. He will be able to pinpoint strains by sight, smell and taste. This is the guy that travels and is always on the move meeting different people in different countries.

Marijuana Kit? NONE!

Why? The Elite Connoisseur will have already experienced all levels of marijuana smoker. He will rely on his bare hand skills from th first level since he can’t take any paraphernalia with him, his open-mindedness in the second level to be willing to try new things, and the knowledge he’s gained in the third level to be able to offer a valid opinion.

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  • Erik, no one bitches at you when you get your legal highs like drunk off alcohol, buzzed off tobacco, or high on your own ego. Don’t come to the United States of Anthony complaining about marijuana.

    Either you don’t know or you just couldn’t control yourself but either way it’s a sign of your own weakness. deal with it without harassing other people.

  • chances are if you read this you also got the urge to smoke… man up and dont smoke… its a waste of time and will just make sure you dont get a damn thing done and you always waste money… 🙂

  • im still on Level 1…u got me!! that occasional chick smoker for a lifetime…but i will say this…i noticed the cheap $hit from the more quality green…and i preferred the homegrown from my island connects 😉