Fun Terms To Use For Police Brutality

Fun Terms To Use For Police Brutality
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It’s a pretty obvious play on words between “cop” and “cocksucker”. A copsucker is a moron and anti-citizen who blindly supports law enforcement no matter what wrongs they’ve done. A copsucker lives in a bubble where police brutality has not affected them and they imagine that as long as you don’t do anything wrong, police won’t harass you. In the long run, many copsuckers have their bubbles burst when they finally come into contact with typical police officers and find out that even when doing nothing wrong, you can be harassed, beaten, and even murdered. Unfortunately, for the copsucker, they have to face police aggression before their bubble can be burst. They have no empathy for the countless millions harmed by police aggression.

I came up with this term however, it’s quite an easy term to put together. I am sure I am not the only one who may have thought of it. But, I didn’t see it in use before I used it.


Another obvious play on words between “play” and “investigation”. Thats when law enforcement claim they’re investigating their own crimes. After the their investigation, they issue a report which turns out to be a fabricated story that only the most stupid copsucker can believe. These playvestigations always clear police of any wrongdoing. The most recent example of a playvestigation is the murder of Freddy White by Baltimore police. Baltimore police claimed that Freddy Gray beat himself to death in the back of a police van. Freddy Gray had a spinal cord injury. How he managed to further beat himself being unable to move will be a mystery since there was no real investigation, just another playvestigation.

I came up with this term recently. I haven’t seen it used yet.


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